I am Back in the Saddle Again

Last Update: August 05, 2015

My off time was good for me, I got a lot of much needed rest. I still have some medical stuff to get done but nothing to keep me away from WA. I am going to rearrange my schedule so that I will only work a few hours a day.

For Beginners

I do not recommend, over-working yourself fight off the bat. That was my problem. I was so excited to be back writing again that I went off the deep end and started writing at 6:00am and often times, forgot to eat, could not sleep, worked 12 to 14 hours a day. All of this only proved to affect my eyesight so I had problems reading. Ate very little and many times not at all.

Too Excited

"Not good" you say? Well your absolutely right, it is not good, but like many of you beginners, I was so excited that I thought if I hurry up and accomplish a bunch the Kyle and Carson will be impressed with me and that will help me get ahead! NEWS FLASH Neither Kyle nor Carson have any thing to do with your success!

Our Responsibility

That my friends is our responsibility, they have provided the ultimate venue for you and me to learn, but we must take full responsibility for our own actions in utilizing those tools to our best advantage. In order to make the best of this opportunity we need to respect our own body and stay healthy and rested so as to be able to fully absorb all of the lessons provided for us.

Just Keep on Keepin On

When you get so tired of reading and listening to videos that you are seeing double. Then stop, take a break maybe an hour, or maybe a day, just give yourself a break from it all. I did not do that and I burned out and made myself sick and it took me a month to get over it. Be smart and pace yourself.

Do Not Skip Over Any Items

This was my worst habit, I would start a lesson then if I came to something that I knew before I got to the end of a lesson, I would skip over the last part. NEVER EVER DO THAT, it was the worst thing I could have done, because it lift me with a big whole in my education. I had to go back and do many lessons and because I have some short term memory deficits, I have forgotten a lot and need to go back and redo even things that I fid do. My results in all of this is that I am about six months behind the gang I started with.

I just Renewed for One more Year

Yes I made mistakes, but I am smart enough to know a good thing when I have it. I will stay with this until I am as successful as I want to be. You see with all my mistakes I still have two really nice websites up and running and even though they need debugging I learned so much about building them, things I could not have ever learned any where else, but Wealthy Affiliate.


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MarionBlack Premium
A good lesson for all of us Sharon. Thank you. ~Marion
anderscj Premium
Very well said Sharon. To your success......!
Kathy331 Premium
Nice to see you back again Sharon and that you're here for another year. :)
wayne2014 Premium
Nice to have you back, Sharon. There is something about working at home, you can take time off as you please. You are power-up and ready!
HowardJaros Premium
Welcome Back!!