Wow.high ranking unbelievably quickly!

Last Update: October 28, 2016

I posted my first two really targeted keyword posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. My site was only indexed by Google on Wednesday. after that I have been concentrating on affiliate programs and building out my site layout. im only on level 3 atm and my site is obviously sparse.

However a quick Google today showed one of my keywords ranking on page 4 and the other ranking page 2!!!! and a supplementary higher comp keyword from that page showing page 3! I've got so much further to go but already getting high ranks!

Must say I'm pretty happy about this! also a little worried as I may start getting real traffic soon... not sure I'm ready for that! about to post my first monitized post soon so let's see if I can convert!

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Chezbrown Premium
Well done and just keep going as you are. xx
AshleyFisher Premium
Way to go!