12 Months + progress - Money Beginning to trickle in

Last Update: March 05, 2018

Ok So I have been here a bit longer than 12 months and my URL was first registered around 15 months ago. But March is the month mark from where I completed training as started putting post on the page in Ernest and where I started my "targets" spreadsheet.

So today I had to update my progress website to see where I am and how I am standing up to my targets. So figured this is a good time for an update Blog.

As far as traffic goals go I am a million miles away from they projected targets. according to the "formula" provided in training I should be at 10,000 visitors a month. I'm not. But I am fully aware how off that "formula" is.

The good news is February was a record month, as was Jan,as was Dec, As was Nov

So every month the traffic direction goes up and the traffic is all high quality Google Organic. It also mainly goes to my "money" pages. However my highest ever organic traffic day was 29 visits so I am still so far from where I need to be.

I have around 95 pages and posts on my site and they average around 2-3000 words. I have done very little but follow the training and just keep building out quality content.

The even better news is from this very small amount of money I am seeing some cash rolling in. Feb saw a record $155 for the month and December and January saw a similar figure (combined) and I have already made sales this month. So I am making headway. If this level of sales keep up I can build up a great base to push forward on.

I am seeing a limit to how I have targeted my income. my Affiliate programs are fairly narrow with only limited ways to get people in. For example my best performing page ranks no 2 for "product" review and for "product" reviews and just about every permutation of that. It also ranks well for "is"product"worth it" and even ranks in the top 5 for "product" narrowly behind the product own web pages. But even with this I only get 8-10 visitors on good days. And this level of traffic is what I would expect based on Jaxxy Traffic numbers even for all those permutations.

While I have a few more money pages that I can get ranking better and performing better even with all those doing as well as my best I can only realistically expect $600 a month. So I need to explore many different options for revenue streams. Most of my pages are Help pages and very unlikely to make money directly and are more a vessel to increase authority to sell the main products (City Passes)

Overall I am about where I wanted to be 3 months ago. So as long as I keep momentum and keep on building content I can hopefully start to see better and better returns. The fact I am regularly converting (for high value items) shows the process is working I just need to keep kicking on. I am so far beyond the point where most would quit and we have always been told this is where success happens so on we go.

The big problem with March is as My niche is a travel site I am practicing what I preach and heading to L.A and Hawaii for a "work" trip! It's going to be hard visiting all the sites and attractions of these places and sampling the food and drink!

It should be a great reminder of why I am doing this, the next few weeks are really a holiday but I am working toward making that my JOB!

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Memorylaneuk Premium
Hard work does pay off and we all have to realise it takes, time and effort before we get the results we want.
With Grace and Gratitude
Nick-at-WA Premium
Congratulations! The hard work is paying off, just keep it up. I wish you much success on the road ahead.