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Niche search, training how to become an expert?

Niche search, training how to become an expert?

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I am trying to follow along, but I am lost. when you are searching for niches, keywords, where are you entering these searches at? Are you on Google or in the WA site itself?</

Think about your niche as something that interests you. A hobby, music, health and/or beauty, etc. Think along those lines. Your niche is something you need to enjoy because you will be doing a great deal of writing about it.
There's a lot of highly visible topics out there right now because of the virus situation, keep in mind that once those items are no longer a necessity,
you're niche may not be profitable.


Hi SGlade,
I completely understand how you feel. I was confused at first as well when I first started 2 weeks ago. Let's break it down.

The Niche is something you like. This is the topic of what you want others to know about or buy from you. So when trying to come up with a niche look at the things around you to which you enjoy or what is your career. So in my case i am a nurse. I can look around at nursing, and try to pick something relevant. Looking at the crisis in the world today I could do something like examples, blogging about how to protect yourself from virus, and promote face masks.
The niche is what you want to discuss, and how you can help people. you can search google with your idea's to see what is out there that others people have picked once you have an idea of what you want to talk about.

The keyword is the next step. When you finally have your niche you will want to figure out how best to word your niche to get indexed within google so people can find you. So this is where jaaxy.com comes in. Take your niche to the research area within WA and start typing in phrases, words to get an idea on what it is you want to say that will get the most traffic. ie: in my niche from above I can look up things like:

Fabric Face Masks
Handmade Face Masks
Cloth Face Masks
Face Masks
Sports Face Masks

These are your keywords that you will try to get your best combination to help drive the traffic to your sight.

I hope this helps. Feel free to Message me if you need further help.


Thank you so much, yes it was very helpful. But now is the hard part coming up with it. LOL
I so appreciate you Kevin and all you do, not just here, but in these crazy times! You are a ROCKSTAR!

Anytime.Thank you for the Kudo's. I agree. I started with the face mask as my first niche, but put it aside for my other website I had had Godaddy.com. I decided to transfer that one over here to rebuild my entire site. k1visaguru.com
My wife came here from Vietnam one year ago May 9th. I started the visa site cause I noticed many people being scammed for thousands of dollars in Vietnam and the Philippines so I start this site to try and blog to help.
You will find something. Don't over think it, and it will just come to you.

K1 Visa Guru

Yes, separate niche and keyword.

Good explanation given. 👍

Hi there Sheryl,

Try and separate niche and keywords in your own mind because your niche is just another term for whatever subject matter your website will be centred around ie clothing, sports, making money online, crafting, horses, cooking etc etc etc.

Generally speaking you are encouraged to have as your niche something that you at the very least having an interest in, the reason being that in order to have a successful site you will need to be creating content on a regular basis and writing quite a lot posts.

Your keywords will ideally be centred around the questions that other people (visitors to your site aka "traffic") are asking about within your niche.

A keyword is just another name for the word or string of words that people put into the search box of a search engine, google for instance.

When somebody searches for "how to bake a victoria sponge", that's a keyword even though it has several words in it. A keyword with several words in it is called a long tail keyword and it's those type that you should try and rank for because they are specific to the subject matter, answer a question and give you the highest chance of ranking your piece of content (usually your post or article).

Decide on your subject matter and then determine what you would like to write about. If, for example, you know how to groom a horse properly and you'd like to write about that then there are loads of ways you can find good keywords around how to groom a horse but try this one from Kyle's training about low hanging fruit. Hope that helps Sheryl...


Thank you so much, Yes Very helpful.
You are amazing and thank you for the extra training tool here.

No worries Sheryl and you are too kind! Any time you need help just pop up a question and we'll be here to help you out...I'll always try to help too if I see your question.
Happy hunting....

For a niche, I would say follow the training because it does a great walkthrough. But, find something you know a lot about or are passionate about (you will be writing a lot). You can go to Google to find similar sites, of things that interest you. To get an idea of what topics they write about.

For keywords, click on Research (column on the left side) and then click on Jaaxy Dashboard (blue button). You can do a lot of different searches to find keywords.

I hope that helps.

Yes Thank you

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