In person meet and greets?

Last Update: March 12, 2014

So I love the networking and the community that is such a huge part of WA and it's a great resource to tap into. It's almost like being back at work and having co-workers and colleagues but not having to be "back at work" thank goodness!

II don't see any specific place on profiles where people talk about their location and some mention it and some don't but I think it would be great to meet some if you awesome people in person. Maybe set up a regular meet up to network and chat about whats working, what's not working, how to talk about WA to people in person and most importantly see if others are running local campaigns and how they are going.

I think it would be safe to assume that a local campaign in San Francisco might not work as well in New York or Los Angeles. It could also be helpful so we can make sure we aren't running several identical campaigns and flooding the market.

So I guess I'm open to opinions about local meet ups and seeing what people think and if anyone is in, or around, the San Francisco Bay Area say hello and I would love to start some local networking

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Wayne Wallace Premium
I'm planning a meet and greet with a few WA members in Vegas
SfRobert83 Premium
I'm always up for a reason to hit up Vegas, haha, when are you thinking? How did you sort for Vegas specific WA members?
Wayne Wallace Premium
We are meeting next month, I just found them because I mention I live in Vegas in my profile. Come to vegas if you want to meet up. ;-)
archan Premium
Love to drop by for a coffee and chat, but can't afford the plane ticket or even the taxi to the airport lol, maybe next year.