Healthy Wealthy Affiliate?!

Last Update: March 20, 2014

So I followed the instructions and training and set up my google notifications and for the last few days I have been seeing this site come up called "Healthy Wealthy Affiliate" so I've been looking around and initially assumed he was one of our community members.

After further looking it seems like it is a similar program, or maybe a copycat system, I'm not fir sure but I might sign up and check it out. I just wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with it. Who knows, it may be the next system I review for my web page!

It is showing up on google pretty often so if it's relevant and getting hits it may be worth mentioning in your sites to help pull traffic your way.

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KatieMac Premium
very interesting let us know what you find
macey321 Premium
I don't know Robert, check it out and let us know...........Frank
SfRobert83 Premium
Will do!
michaal Premium
Interesting. This John Gibb seems to be quite serious about it. With .com and .org trying to be in two places at once.
Trialynn Premium
Sorry, have not heard of them.