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Last Update: March 15, 2014

Im pretty new to the web building and design aspect, I don't know much about traffic (except that I need it, haha) and I'm still working my way through bootcamp but as I start to build out my site Im noticing that many of my pages will reference a comment or an idea that I covered throughly on another page so I will add a link like (More on Passive Income)

With one or two of these on each page it seems like having everything related and keeping a person jumping around on your site will get you longer view time, help show your expertise and build trust with you as an expert. If this is the case and the longer I keep someone on my site the better, I'm really excited.

If this isn't the case and I shouldn't be referencing my own material too much someone please let me know! I had thought about including links to other sites (reference sites like Wiki) to show my info was consistent and accurate but was worried onec they left my site I might not get them back.

Either way I'm really excited to see my site come together and start to fill in with content, it is a much better feeling then when my site was first up and all I had was About Me and some default pics, haha.

On another note, i need to start finding ways of working more of my keywords into my articles, I'm assuming thats how the ranking thing works, lol.

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softwind Premium
Hi Robert! Keep up the good work! Keep up your excitement too! Everything will come together since there is still so much to learn.
KatieMac Premium
sounds like your doing well, I do not know anything about boot camp yet still working on my niche, see Trialynn has give some good advice, as well as some others wish you every success
Trialynn Premium
You are doing very well to reference your own material. An internal link should go to your page and not open a new tab, anytime you reference outside of your webpage, then make sure you open in a new link so they can come right back to you!
Melanie1508 Premium
Hi Robert....I wish you the best with your site. I am not at this point yet, but I am sure that I will also need it soon. Hope that you enjoy your weekend. Melanie
DoubleTap Premium
Actually putting internal links in your content is great Robert. Last I heard, Google loves it when you do that!