On my way forward

Last Update: December 04, 2018

I am gaining in organic hits to my site.I know it is a matter of time before I would get sales. My site is a religeous site. And I have completed 33 posts on it.

My Google Analytics report shows gradual increase in hits. And I know its being only four plus months. I know it takes time to achieve success.

I get lots of assistance from WA family. That is one of the reasons I am still at WA despite a few set backs. I have gained 777 members following me.

I am hoping to keep a positive attitude as I keep writing articles for my site.

Wish you all a merry Christmas.

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DebbieRose Premium
You're doing great....as long as you kerp moving forward. Congratulations!
dragonfly10 Premium
great job. keep an eye on the journey
marmar463 Premium
Congratulations on your followers keep up the great work.

JerryMcCoy Premium
Good job. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep the FAITH.
NeptuneSiver Premium
Just Say I want It I will have It