OverWhelming & Success

Last Update: August 05, 2019

Two Impactful Words

"Overwhelming" & "Success"

Today everything came to a head with the overwhelming frustrations of solving some issues with sitemap and adsense, making the training work, listenting to others and putting feedback from the:

- Traininig

- Community/Responses

- Searching previous Trainings

- Staying Focused

I was determined to conquer two things that have been haunting me for the last week.

1.) Straighten out the errors on google consol for my sitemap errors

2.) Get the Google Adsense code added to my website

The amount of work over the past week that I felt turned into waisted time, frustration and looking for answers. But it paid off today.

I took a route that I should take more frequently. At the suggestion of another responding member, I posed the question to the community and I was immediately filled with resources to assist me.


I took action by submitting my problem with sitemaping to Site Support (I know, it felt like a cop out...lol) They almost immediately corrected my issue and responded with everything is taken care of. Wow!!! I racked my brain all week over this issue and they fixed it immediately.

By trying to do it myself, I learned a great deal. I felt what it is like to work hard to make this work and solve my own problems. When I just couldn't solve the issue...I posed it to site support and what do you know? Wha-Laa... They fixed it!!! Site Support......You all are Great! Thank you so much.

More Action

On my second issue of frustration. Again, after the same week of racking my brain over how to add this Adsense code and the fear of messing up my site. I watched some videos, read tutorials, asked questions and finally "Just Did It."

It was a risk...but I just took a leap of faith and did it. Once I hit the Update button, at the same time, took a deep breath, closed my eyes. I opened my eyes and say "Successfully Submitted."

What I have learned

EVERYONE in this program goes through ups and downs, frustration, set backs and elated feelings of success. I believe that this isn't supposed to be easy for me. It is teaching me that if I want a strong business that succeeds that I will go through the roller coaster of emotions, learn, fail forward and it involves others, everyone involved in this network.

Then, when your desire to succeed is stronger then the consequences of remaining the same, a transformation occurs that humbles us into being able to handle the successes that are in store for us.

This is just a quick post to share my emotional roller coaster over the past week that lead to the success that I am feeling at the end of this day. Thanks for being there...

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mmussehl Premium
I have felt the same as you MANY times...thanks for sharing. It feels so wonderful to figure things out though (even if it takes Site Support).
DarrenNicola Premium
Have faith that you can do this.
Darren :)
Carson2 Premium
So happy you found answers. Continued good fortunes to you.
Vickic3 Premium
Overcoming challenges makes us better at what we do Brian and also we learn and grow and this is what us successful along the way
Well done persisting and achieving positive outcomes and all the best as you keep growing and learning
JKulk1 Premium
I think most if us are faced with issues similiar to this while building our website, it's like you say, just take a leap if faith. What's the worst that can happen. Jim