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November 28, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving to My WA FamilyToday I have given myself a gift. I invested in my future for another year. I'm all about making the best decisions I can and honestly, how can you go wrong by taking advantage of this offer. To be able to take advantage of all the premier status opportunities and being grandfathered in at this price for life, I can't think of a better decision to make.It's taken me a little while to get the hang of everything and I'm still not there yet. But I must admit I'm
A Little Light is Begining to Shine BrighterThe Turtle May Not be fast but He's Got EnduranceSo, I don't usually blog too much due to my lack of time to really spend on "extra things." This past July I took a deep look at myself, inspired by one of our WA folks blog. It inspired me to take a look at the 24 hours we are all given and how exactly I utilize them. After factoring out work and travel time back and forth I found that I don't need to sit in an office to research, write, think, etc.
August 05, 2019
Two Impactful Words"Overwhelming" & "Success"Today everything came to a head with the overwhelming frustrations of solving some issues with sitemap and adsense, making the training work, listenting to others and putting feedback from the:- Traininig- Community/Responses- Searching previous Trainings- Staying FocusedI was determined to conquer two things that have been haunting me for the last week. 1.) Straighten out the errors on google consol for my sitemap errors2.) Get the Google Adse
Hi everyone. This is my first post because I really thought that I did not have the expertise or authority to share in front of dick a large community. I thought I needed years of experience and success behind me before I'd be credible enough to be read.Now, after almost a year of reading everyone else's posts I can tell you that, it is You and your daily journeys that have made it possible for me to better identify. You have motivated and inspired me to continue forward--Not to give up! I'm