No New Successes to Report (May Update)

Last Update: June 05, 2019

It's now June and I have little to report for May. Which is kind of sad. I really dropped the ball on my business last month.

Excuses and Reasons

I honestly don't have a lot of valid reasons, mostly excuses. I reorganized my email and site and social media pages and try new apps and chrome extensions to try to maximize my future productivity. I optimized my site's speed, we hope. Learning random things. Testing plugins.

I'm still fighting cat issues. Had to purchase a new phone and then organize all THAT. Luckily, I did manage to delete a lot of old emails and files to clear up cloud space.

What I DID Achieve

I DID replace my laptop, YAY! I did start designing logos and banners, playing around with that. I did write a couple articles. Woot. I did do some posts on Social Media. I did do a lot of reading on marketing and such.

So it isn't all stalled out. I'm also updating quite a few older posts. Adding some fun stuff. Changed my theme.... again. HA.

I have also kept up on giving comments, just building up my credits so I can ask for some, myself.

June's Goals

I plan on upping my article post count, keep it consistent. I've been reading a lot about what Google wants, and quality wins over quantity! But consistent wins over inconsistent, too, So I'm posting once a week this June, updating old posts, and spending more time promoting my posts, optimizing them for SEO. Set up a social media schedule that keeps it all active.

I plan on getting the training done as that's been at a snail's pace the last two months.

I'll keep on keeping on!

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Swangirl Premium
Don't feel bad. It sounds like you are still moving forward.

I have not done well in June. My sales have dried up. I am not sure what happened. Of course I have not been adding content so that may be part of it. We have a vacancy in our building coming up, finally filled one in the 6-plex, have one more to fill there and another coming up I think since a tenant sadly passed away and now I think her husband is moving out. That unit will need a ton of work to rerent also. We still have plumbing problems etc. etc. etc.

April was just on fire and I had my highest monthly sales on Amazon. May was ok but one of those items from April was returned and that subtracted $9 (my biggest single commission ever on Amazon). So May ended up being not too great. June is dismal!

Hang in there!
Selenityjade Premium
Yeah, not adding content might be the problem, but its understandable with all y'all are dealing with!

You hang in there too and hopefully June will pick up soon!
TheJimB Premium
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Reality intrudes. Caca Pasa. Your June plans sound reasonable.
Good luck
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts.
Life can sometimes be busy, but you will soon catch up and start making progress again.
Today is a new day.
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!
Tmgreen Premium
Life can throw us curve balls, that's for sure. What's important is to get up and keep at it. And your doing that.



PS. Take note of Kyle's update on Google today.
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you! I did see that, thank you.