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February 01, 2020
I actually don't have much to report for January! Everything is continuing to grow from my Instagram account to my visitors to my push subscribers to getting sales, though December was my biggest month. Nothing too earth shattering but as my main website is only 7 months old right now, I think it's doing just fine. Got over 200 new followers on Instagram last month, most of those the last two weeks. Nothing remarkable going on with my growth yet. I've had the pleasure of meeting some awesome
Happy New Year, WA! Welcome to a new decade as well! And in personal news, it is a new year at WA for me as well! My Wealthy Affiliate Anniversary passed a week or so ago. I've officially been at WA for a year. I received my badge and everything. It has definitely been a year of changes for me, a lot of learning, and a lot of challenges.Accomplishments in 2019 (Business)Built TWO websitesBought three domainsWent through all 5 levels of Wealthy Affiliate OEC Training (2x actually, helping me
December 04, 2019
Long time, no see, affiliates!November for me was a crazy month in my job and cat fostering, and kind of lazy for my websites, unfortunately.I'm trying to balance out my life responsibilities with my 'wants' (websites), because this past month they seriously contradicted each other. So my successes are going to be outnumbered by my setbacks this time.SuccessesI've made a couple sales on my NEW website, for things I 'promoted'!I made a sale on my OLD website for a product I reviewed!Continue to
Yes, I know I'm a couple days early for this, but honestly, I can't imagine another milestone before November 1st hitting, so I just thought I'd get this out of the way.If you haven't read one of these before, I simply chronicle my successes and setbacks each month. I don't really call setbacks failures because while they could be considered failures, they are only true failures if you let them cause you to quit!So this month has been kind of exciting for me! So let's get on with this!I switc
Today IS a day for greatness! And weirdness!So, I got my monthly reports from Google Analytics for September for my three websites, so I went on over there for a second and found I had over 12 visitors CURRENTLY on my website and my visitors for today was over 300! All of them coming from Facebook.I was like, what... the heck. They were all going to the same page and most were mobile. The name of the post is 9 Best Books About Cats in 2019. Okay? The title is relevant to the story, I promi
Happy Monday, fellow affiliates!It's only the 7th of October and just wow, I actually have news to share since my last monthly update six days ago. Crazy!My new site, my true passion and the whole reason I started to research turning blogging into a serious business and joined Wealthy Affiliate, is only a little over 3 months old now.THREE MONTHS!I've had some engagement on social media from one rescue within the first month I opened a twitter account for my new site. I got organic (if a TINY
Heyla, WA!This post is going to be quick today as I'm so freaking tired that I just don't have the energy to write a long one right now. So list post coming up!The GoodSeptember was a pretty boring month and exhausting, but I did have some achievements. Which is cool because my site is only coming up on 4 months old!Posted Every Friday like ClockworkHad a post of 4900 words! (ouch!)Created my first list post (with affiliate links).All of my stats have increased well, from visitors to followers
Heyla, WA!This will be a very quick post to inform you all that Google Adsense has changed a few things regarding their policies and the restricted sites.To sum it up: BANNED FROM ADSENSE:Anything illegalpornographicendangered species animal partscopyright infringementdangerous or derogatory content (hate speech)promotes dishonest behavior (hacking instructions)misrepresenting content (pirated products, phishing websites) malicious softwaremail order bridespedophilaFull List: https://support.g
September 09, 2019
Hi, fellow affiliates! This may end up turning into a sort of rant, and I apologize beforehand if it does.My niche is community cats, which include strays and ferals, and of course, barn cats, which is where my name comes in. My target audience is mostly the US. And other English-speaking countries that have similar progress in regard to animal welfare that the US does. At least for right now.No offense to non-English speakers, but I know that some countries deal with things a lot differentl
Hello, fellow WA members!It's that time again! As August is now officially over, I wanted to update you on my progress. To be honest, there isn't much, yet, It's been a crazy month!Successes!Social media accounts for my website are growing still. Not viral or anything, but they get some engagement.I started an ad campaign yesterday on Facebook for page likes with almost NO budget. I'm running an ad promoting my FB page for $1 a day for 5 days. Mostly, I was exploring audience targeting and