New record 2 Wealthy Affiliate sales in a single day

Last Update: April 25, 2020

Hello, WAers.

Today I just want to stop by and share my new progress.
I don't like to write too much (even if I have a blog lol). I like to read to be honest;
But I thought this post could motivate, give or give again courage to someone here. So it's worth me to stop by and share this with you.

I am graceful

But before I show you my "small" accomplishment, allow me to thank the founders of WA (Kyle & Carson) and all of you in the community for all the support.
You are amazing.
You've given me confidence in myself. You have proven to me that it is possible and that the only limit that can exist is the one that our mentality imposes us.

I've learned a lot here and I'm still learning. Thanks to WA.

My first 2 WA sales a day happen yesterday

It's not a big accomplishment but it's my first one and I celebrated it yesterday and continue to celebrate it even today.

Acomplishment so far:

  • 125 starters WA referrals
  • 6 premiums WA account - 2 of them gave up their dream. hahaha...
  • 3 sales so far on Bluehost
  • 13 free Leadlsleap referrals with 3 premiums (1 account canceled)

WA works contrary to what you may read on the web that WA training is outdated and don't work, let me tell you without any doubts that you have everything you need here to build a successful business.

You can do it

This is a moment for me to encourage all those who are here (starter members or premiums and who doubts if WA works or not.

Whether you have referrals or not, stay focused on your goal and don't compare yourself to anyone.

Whether you have referrals but they are doutbful or skeptical keep bringing people here until you find one that will be ready to upgrade. The rest are your furture customer.

You have premiums but they don't stay, keep wokking and work with people who want to do business and do business with these who want to do business.

Thank you for reading.

To your success.


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szeeman Premium
Sebastian, those WA referrals are not small. They are massive! You are going to get good residual income from that. I need to learn from you how you convert all those people to WA lol.

I have made several sales in other areas, but those WA premium sign ups are still illusive for me lol. I need to make a plan :)

Many congratulations! Things are certainly start happening for you. Exciting times!

Best wishes!

Ps. I may have a question? Is it Mr YouTube that is doing the trick for you? I picked up that you mentioned that you do not like to write that much and I know you create awesome YouTube videos. So I am suspecting it is Mr YouTube mostly bringing the sales. Am I correct? :)
Defiant6 Premium
Thank you for sharing your success. My goal is to start getting more starter memberships, but more importantly, getting my very first premium sign up.

I know I'm on the right track because nearly a month ago, I received a starter sign up and the same person signed up for Jaaxy as well. Sadly, they didn't move any further then that, but still, I claim that as a victory.

I'm pushing ahead with more content and doing more research as well. What you've shared with us today gives me even more confidence that I can do this.
Sebastian089 Premium
Hi, thank you for stopping.
Glad you found it motivating.
Don't worry my dear.
You are on the right track. Continue posting content and promoting your website as well.
As I said, do business with people who want to do business.
Move move move and newer give up.
Patience is key and your hard work will pay off.
JulianRicha1 Premium
Looks like you are on a roll. No stopping you now!
Good going and congrats.

I have been here a month, nothing yet. I have been working with Jaaxy. I found a keyword with 639 monthly requests and a qsr of 0 and still can't get noticed. I find that hard to believe, if there is no competition I would think I would be getting all the hits for that keyword. I am obviously doing something wrong. back to the training for me.
Sebastian089 Premium
Thank you for stopping by.
I noticed you did something wrong when reading your comment.

It is not because the QSR = 0 you will rank easily.
Go to Google and see what websites are on the first page with your Keywords. Analyze their DA and PA. I am sure you will be noticed they are well-established websites.
This training will give you an idea about what I mean here though: Blessings.
EdwinBernard Premium
Congrats Sebastian! It's great to see others make progress like you are.

To repeat a cliche, you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink ha!

We are looking for referrals who have ambition. That is something that must be internal to them. We cannot inject ambition. Hence, like in any business, it becomes a numbers game.

Have you created your series of automated messages to sent to your referrals and Premium members? Just curious. I have created two spaced messages so far.

As I was typing this you motivated me to check my referrals. Guess What. I got a new one today YAY!

Time to connect and learn more about my new referral.

All the best to you Sebastian.

Sebastian089 Premium
Hi, Edwin.
Thank you for stopping and celebrating this small accomplishment with me.
Yes, you are right. Anyway, we can't inject ambition to our referrals. Appreciate it.
As for your question about sending series of automated messages to referrals.
Yes and no.
Yes for new referrals I bring here for the first time.
And no for premium members.
For premium members, I contact them manually because I want to personalize my message to each of them.
BRuckle1 Premium
Yes, as they say...... you have to walk before you run...... thus your celebrating where you had success is good & worth celebrating!
A beginning is a....... beginning now you know i bit more! I am even behind you on this but it is beneficial to see initial results as an example of ..........progress! All the best
Sebastian089 Premium
Thank you so much for your kind words.
I appreciate it.