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Last Update: Jul 14, 2016


Can't really think much today cos I went to bed early in the morning at 3am, so had a double cappuccino now in the afternoon to keep my eyes open hopefully but dreaming ... Just a short flash thought off my mind...

Every problem has a every one of your product or services that could solve a potential need of a customer.

The Ultimate question is whether we can make the link between customer and us?

The first step in identifying new market, is to list out the possible problems or needs that you product or service could solve. After that, then you research the size of all the market that can use your product or services, and you could then prioritize which market should you promote your marketing strategy.

People don't buy products, they buy solutions to their needs.

These needs may be functional, emotional, money savings, satisfied desire, etc. It is this need that motivate people to buy.

Is each of the product or service that addresses to this need that bridge the gap between the need and product.

So, what's your proposition to bridge the gap?

-sean :) 14Jul2016

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Wow I love ke that something to really think about that peopke don't buy product they buy solutions to their needs abd you are so right great job

Thank you, and you're most welcome.
Sharing an Kofe - Thoughts after 2 mini cups of cappuccino.
All the Best to your internet journey and have a great week.
-sean :)

You are most Welcome!!!

Very true Sean and don't forget that people buy from people so when we're friendly, warm and welcoming in our content, we will be likely to get visitors to stay longer and ultimately buy from us :)

You are right, people buy solutions. But on the internet they only buy from sellers they trust. There are scams everywhere on the net so people are very wary.

So our goal is to build a brand people know, Like and Trust. There is a very simple formula to do this:.
1. Deliver valuable content, be consistant and interact with your readers. Do this till you are known
2. Keep doing this until your readers know and like you.
3. Deliver solutions for you followers. Once they see you can solve their problems they will trust you and likely buy from you when you offer a new solution.

This is a very long process but when you build the trust with your followers making sales is very easy.
This is from a course I studied many years ago.

Cheers Kev

Yes, Kev.

I attended the internet marketer talk by this guru Derek Gehl where I learned about being a trusted advisor first, gain the mutual trust & understanding, and it may take about average 7 email letters before someone buys something.

He is more onto Pod casting with interviews on other internet veterans. Not too bad to listen and learn but don't sign up as it cost about US$900 or more, with no guarantees but has money refund policy.

Thanks for your feedback.
-sean :)

WOW expensive. I listen to Jack D on podcast. Excellent content. Cheers Kev

A new sound pattern therapy, I hope! Just need to use every between-moment for working on the site!

Lol! ... is also dream therapy too ... cos my eyes are closed and dozing off typing this ... hehe ...
-sean :)

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