converting pages

Last Update: November 11, 2015

I have been observing converting pages, like

Simple yet direct and converting.

Comment so everyone can have inputs on how to gain in conversion etc

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GreatTimes52 Premium
Looks like a scam site to me....but I did notice how fast It wanted my email address....This is what turned me off!
seacsub Premium
Well that's how they sell bits of Internet marking to the masses.

Pic clicks, seminars, seo, everything.

Just tiny bits mind you, where every bit helps for sales conversion and people will come for more thereafter.
Maxiam59 Premium
to mee4 I clicked off it wright away because of all the scams I have gotten taken for in the past all the best
seacsub Premium
yes, thats too true.

we were all scammed in a way.

but looking at the anylasis of how elaborate the site structure is, what is taught here in WA can be applied elsewhere