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November 11, 2015
I have been observing converting pages, like yet direct and converting.Comment so everyone can have inputs on how to gain in conversion etc
November 03, 2015
HI, can anyone point out what i can do to convert clicks?
Hey!Are there any free tools for opt in programs?
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October 24, 2015
HI I just came back home from a "Preview" Seminar.Here is a key word.SEO,SEO,SEO!!!Here's to years of not making it without a single sale.Aside from being peeved by "coaches" pitching their custom money, lead generating program for sale in the, i saw one, live making money over just two days; USD $6985 >sgd $9k +.Main factor SEO, OPT IN, Leads,Converts!!Hit me up in the comments, will update ya!RegardsMokhtar
Hi, Just a trick question. How has Internet marketing evolved since 2009 when I was last a member here in WA. Has nothing much changed of has Google somehow made it hard aside from competition from others worldwide made it hard for an individual to start back it again? Comments and suggestions would be great. I've yet to play around in this new format and am hoping my blog is public for many others to see! Cheers Mokhtar
December 01, 2014
Over the years, as I took Internet marketing for granted and of what I've learnt and skipped. Keyword research is and has always been a game changer. My question is, how can I determine the best solutions or number of searches as it has always been a numbers game. The top few keywords are always unrefined searches, whereas what comes after contains phrases that don't have a lot of hits. Before I go mad again can someone advise me? Other than always changing the keywords list. Thanks Mokhtar
A local Singaporean, Fabian Lim who was able to rake in money online and is now a speaker of sorts for Internet marketing here is an envy I had and still is. Here is his link or landing page. I hope within months, I'm able to protrayal or mimic what he has achieved Hope everyone can achieve it as well. Tag me up