Trump Affiliate Programs

Last Update: September 04, 2020

Trump Affiliate Programs?

anyone know of any Affiliate Programs that offer Trump "Stuff" - that is besides Amazon.


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mackiejw Premium
I heard 'Depends' is introducing a Trump line of DIAPERS and TOILET tissue, all items marked with certified Trump poop. Should be a hot seller in all the southern trailer park states.
JeannineC Premium
Not funny. Kinda rude actually.
sdawson Premium
Joezout Premium
Have you tried Trump affiliates under Google by any chance, I know you probably have but is just a wild guess of mine. I get a lot of Trump donations all the time but nothing much else.

Lex666 Premium
I have a “2020 Donald Trump Out of Office Countdown Boxed Calendar” that i got at the mall. I‘m pretty sure the store was called Marble. They have them on amazon too. I also see lots of anti trump propaganda products at hot topic or Spencer’s. I’m not sure if they have affiliate programs though. Hope this helps.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, that's a big box calendar! 4 months plus 4 more years! What a great value! I'll have to check that out! 👍👍
Carson2 Premium
Coin collections.