Brainstorming and my iPhone 6

Last Update: April 05, 2015

While brainstorming ideas for my website I've discovered a great way to record them just about anywhere. I find myself quite often thinking of ideas surrounding my niche “building a business online” and discovered I can use my iPhone 6 and dictate notes to myself as I'm doing other things. I actually recorded most of this post while working out on my elliptical. I simply launched the note app on my iPhone and choose new and choose the microphone and simply start talking. When I am done, I copy the text and past it to an email and send it to myself. Then when it is time to work on my website, I open my mail and copy my brainstorming idea to a word doc and then refine and elaborate on it. I find it quite useful because often times I have great ideas when I'm not sitting in front of my computer keyboard or I have nothing at hand to write my ideas down on. Thus I've incorporated my iPhone into dictating my ideas when I'm not in front of my computer. This also provides me the opportunity to not have to “rethink” what I thought about.

I am sure many of you have all had times when you came up with a great idea for your niche but then when came back to put them down on paper or add them to you website you may have forgotten what you had thought about. To overcome this, use your phone to dictate your ideas and then refine them as you need to.

I thought I'd share this idea, like I'm sure it's been presented in the past, but I felt this is just another way I can contribute an idea that helps me keep my ideas flowing

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ScottWill Premium
Thanks for the read Daniel
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That's an awesome idea!