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To all In an attempt to NOT submit duplicate content to the almighty Google Search Engine, I have removed the post I had submitted in my profile and have placed it as a blog on my website. I also added video as a way to SHOW" not just tell my visitors how I proofread my content with my iPhone Feel free to visit the my post at the link below Using My iPhone to Proofread My Content Just keep building. Content is "King" but well presented content "Rules"
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While brainstorming ideas for my website I've discovered a great way to record them just about anywhere. I find myself quite often thinking of ideas surrounding my niche “building a business online” and discovered I can use my iPhone 6 and dictate notes to myself as I'm doing other things. I actually recorded most of this post while working out on my elliptical. I simply launched the note app on my iPhone and choose new and choose the microphone and simply start talking. When I am done, I c
As of 03/31/15. I just reviled my site to the WA community This is a "Work In Progress" I am still trying to find my niche critiques welcome
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