collaboration with Your Healthy Prostate

Last Update: April 01, 2019

Just finished up on a project with yourhealthyprostate

is a WA member and has put together a great site on prostate health.the member posted the page on his facebook. yourhealthyprostate it would be helpful to get some social media comments and post comments on the site. thank you

Working with other sites is a fantastic way to share your content. Some sites refuse guest posting, but i can't understand why. As long as you have an author willing to write quality content then it's always worth it. Make sure you have rules and standards in place.

You benefit by getting content and they benefit by you linking to their site. It's a great way to build relationships if you do good work. Down the road they may keep you in mind for other exchanges. Don't rule out the importance of networking.

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Talk2Ray Premium
thanks for sharing Schwifty.
Wdcope Premium
Good information on a health issue that affects all of us men. Some think its an issue only for us older men, but it affects men quite a bit younger also. Looked at the site and it is very well done.
JSeale Premium
Very good blog! Thank you. I hope to learn this when I get started.
lesabre Premium
Great article. I am in the health, niche and I agree with you agree with you on the importance of networking. I am interested in your strategy and like your idea. PM me if you are interested in working with my site. Thank you.
Hudson Premium
Hi there. Agree absolutely on working together. I am a guest blogger on Makhsud’s site as I have Prostate Cancer and want to get the message out to as many men as possible of the need to get checked. I didn’t and when I finally was pushed to do so by my darling wife found I have it. Part one of this is on Makhsud’s site already - parts 2 and 3 to come as soon as I can finish writing them. Trying to address the issues that men have with the diagnosis and treatment process.
Schwifty Premium
ill check out your post. I hope you are doing well and getting through this hard time. A close friend of mine went through this a few years ago. He's doing well now.