New Blogger with American Bully and Pitbull Niche

Last Update: Jul 13, 2022

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Starting my new journey as a blogger would of been much more difficult if I didnt have the training here at WA. The support from everyone is very appreciated and is what really makes WA so great. The training is excellent to and I have just built my website step by step going along with the training. Some of the things we learn here I think many people would have to pay much more money to learn. I do get a little discouraged but making my first commission was really exciting. I do believe if I follow the training and stay connected to the community, I will do just fine if I have patience and determination.

The mentality that is helping me is one of patience and knowing it is not a get rich scheme. I have to learn about my niche and write quality content. This takes time to learn and time to actually become better as I write.

Once I become an online money maker and I feel equipped to teach others, I will love to have a blog in the money making niche. This is a great niche for those who are knowledgeable in this area. Financial niche is excellent too if you are knowledgeable.

I currently own a cleaning business and work alot so this is something I do on the side and am investing my time and little bit of money in, with the idea I am investing in my future. If I stick with this, I think I will eventually achieve success. Everything takes learning, growing and anything worth it takes patience. WA is worth it to me, and the free starter account is worth the try. Worst case scenerio, it isnt for you. Best case scenerio, you find something you are good at and become apart of a community!

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A great, focused niche Stephanie. You don't have to do a lot, just do it regularly!

You definitely will, Stephanie!

You have an excellent mindset to do just that, my friend!


Thank you, It can be discouraging, but like with anything worth it it takes times and commitment. Which does tend to be difficult for me but I am doing my best to not give up; I believe as I keep writing I will do better and make more quality content. I doubt anyone became a blogger millionaire over night. Although some do brag about it, I dont know how believeable that is unless they were highly trained or something

You are definitely on the right track, Stephanie! You are gaining traction!


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