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August 02, 2020
Ways to Discover Your Limiting BeliefsWe've talked about limiting beliefs and examined a short-list of common varieties that may be quite apparent to you. But what about the fuller spectrum of all of the limiting beliefs you're currently unaware of? How do you discover these? Below are three processes that you can work with in finding and then clearing/letting go of your limiting beliefs. These have been provided by qualified technicians that have used these methods extensively.We have all trie
July 30, 2020
Most of our limiting beliefs have nothing to do with the truth. So why do we believe them. If we belive an untruth then we have the opportunuty to beat it.I have listed below some of my emotional blockages that I have inhereted and now released working with the practitioner. Inherited Compound emotions Worry/Shock - from my Mother’s Father. Inherited Hopelessness - My Father’s emotion.Inherited Worthless - My Father’s emotion.Inherited Shock - My Father’s emotion. Inheri
My life's journey and understanding what that is, started late. If only I was learning what I am learning now 20 or even 30 years ago. I can't change that so all is good. If I was asked what a limiting belief was I would not have known. The last 10 years have been wonderful. I have just finished reading a book "The Emotion Code" by Dr Bradley Nelson. Interesting. We are all carrying emotional blockage from the past. These can even be blockages that have been passed down by grand parents which h
July 29, 2020
I have just been advised by the powers that be my 6 month anniversary has arrived. As of this writing I currently sit at rank 1497 ( I did get to 130 and then blew out to 4500) I have 37 posts (with 7 qued up) and 585 in my network. My website is up and running I have just over 40 Blogs with 4 qued up. I am nine tenths through the training and looking forward to boot camp. I placed my first Facebook ad at $5.00 a day yesterday for 5 days.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate and all that sail in her. I a
July 22, 2020
WHO AM I?Who am I you may well ask? In looking for a blog these notes were found. I thought I would share them as a reminder of whether we are still on track.Ask yourself these crucial questions and journal your answers so that you can reflect on them from time to time and update any that may change.What will contribute to my happiness? What will support me in being healthier? Will it support me in being more prosperous? Will it make me more secure? Will it help me build community?
July 05, 2020
Every day, I meditate in the morning and talk to the Universe. I have been doing this for a while now and sometimes wonder why. Having said this I still feel I am getting closer. I am listening and looking far more diligently. Last week I was frustrated about not find affiliate marketing sites I felt were suitable for my needs. "I know" said a voice from the deep, "ask the Universe". I did. The second night I got the nod at 1.30am. Straight to the computer, knew exactly what to ask google, and
Emotional Intelligence.I am of the opinion that self-esteem, self belief and/or self-awareness is everybodies weakest link. Lack of belief in our selves is what holds us back. My research stumbled on emotional intelligence. Never ever having heard of it before I was intrigued and interested what its connection with self belief and self awareness was. This is my summary.Emotional intelligence is the skill to be aware of, control and ultimately express emotions. The latest studies suggest that
I have been doing affirmations for only 6 or 7 years. I have to be honest there are some days when I say, why? Dates come and go. I get some, I get close to some. Having done them for a while there is still something about Affirmations that definitely appeal to me. I don’t think they are the magic wand they are supposed to be but they are foundations from which we build our actions to achieve. Like attracts like. If I'm passionate about something, then my energy will allow me to take acti
I am relatively new to personal development, starting in earnest about 6 or 7 years ago. I genuinely wish that I was aware a lot earlier. I've attended many seminars and webinars listened to tapes and audios, read countless books and listened to podcasts. I get up most mornings at 4.00, write out my affirmations and goals, write down 10 things I am grateful for and then study through to approx. 6.30.They say somebody like me is a good candidate because I haven’t been doing it long enou
May 17, 2020
These are are tthe final laws from Wallace D Wattles book, The Science of Gettting Rich.The Law of Polarity This law states that everything in the universe has its opposite. There would be no inside to a room without an outside. If it was three feet from the floor to the table, it would be three feet on the table down to the floor. If it is 150 miles from Manchester to London, It must be 150 miles from London to Manchester. If something we considered bad happens in our life there has to be some