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A Day to Remember and a Day to Support. Deb and I thank you all who support the Red Shirt Friday Tradition. The Tradition is not in support of or against any conflict around the world that our Troops happen to be involved in. If you remember the Vietnam Conflict days of the 60's and early 70's, then you still have a vivid memory of the treatment that returning men and women received. When we returned in September, 1970, we had to immediately get into civilian clothes and we were bused to the ba
Settle down Sam, it only took ya two years!Some already know the short version of a long story about us and two of our kids in the days after Sep 9, 2110 or 911. Without revisiting many of the harsh details, we shall go for the short version. We came from a very Loyal Family regarding our country. Dad was in WWII, myself and two brothers were in the Vietnam Conflict, and two of our boys, Scott and Tony joined up right after 911. Both Scott and Tony said virtually the same thing, "Dad, we want t
When I think about a little light hearted fun, I always think about our kids as they were growing up. You know how kids pick at one another, make fun of one another, etc. Deb and I learned over time that the best way to teach a lesson that needs to stick was to place a copy of a Pearl Of Wisdom regarding the Message we wanted to get across. Their bathroom was like a bulletin board. One of those in particular was about this little kid that was always saying bad things about other people and putt
Fridays are a day of celebration to most people who have a JOB. But in my humble opinion, Friday is my favorite day of the Week and Monday is my second favorite. When some one else is controlling you or as we used to say, jerking your chain, Monday can be unbearable some times. Deb and I can almost relive the day, in 2009 when we had sold our interest in our company and woke up one morning in our RV in South Texas and Deb asked, Honey what are we gonna do now? Well. we searched the net for inte
I have never been one to do New Years Resolutions, not sure why, just never have.I come from a life time of hammering down such things as:1) (WHY) What is the Dream? The very most important part of the process. Why has to be pretty strong. I was telling some one on a post a few days ago, that when the WHY is Real, it puts you into action, Every Time You Think of IT, IT Brings a Tear to you eyes. For us, that still holds true today as well. I will give you a little hint of one of our Why's; Ther
Howdy my Friends and running Buddies on WA. We have eluded several times about a couple of major issues that Deb and I have learned to fight through, deal with, over come. You add Yours. In 2010, Deb and I were having fun traveling America in our RV with our two poodles. We traveled for almost five years, mostly visiting our kids, family and friends. In November 2010, we decide to sell the RV and settle in the Cedar Creek Lake are of Texas. So we sold it and house and property in the county wh
November 24, 2017
Well, Well, Well, go Black Friday upgrade, put the Giant TV on the back burner! It is time to get serious, AGAIN, about the Greatest Blogging Platform On the Planet! Some time Life interferes, things happen, things change, some of those long stories that you can hardly wait to talk about, someday. But for now, Let's Do This! Amen.
January 01, 2017
Greetings to all WA members, especially those of us that have been around for a while and just now getting the ball rolling. Deb and I joined back in December 2009 when the Acme People Search Business (no longer exists) was very hot. The lesson for us there is that sometimes the novelty programs go away but blogging and learning to blog just keeps on cranking. We have had at least two blogs over the years. In 2008 we sold our position in a software company and did two things that for us was epi