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Last Update: November 30, 2019

I have been with WA for several months now and have accomplished more than I thought I would. I have found my niche, best outdoor hunting gear. I chose this because I am an avid hunter and want to help others like me deal with issues we all face as hunter and that is finding the best gear at the best prices. I am continuing my training and look forward to making money. It has not been an easy journey due to personal issues but I am pi=ushing forward for a better future.

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Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress. Keep moving forward you will do great.
Happy Sunday,
Stanleycmng Premium
That is great. Got your niche and meet your learning goals. Wish you success.
j52powell Premium
Good job hanging in there and selecting a niche suitable for you. Continued success.

Ahimbe Premium
This is great news..doing what you like is s good thing. Best of wishes.
PeteKane91 Premium
what a great niche to choose.

keep up the excellent work