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Last Update: July 10, 2017

I just saw the new spiderman movie last week. It was a good movie in my opinion even not all of my friends like it. But anyway, I want to share what I've got after I watched this movie.

Even the superhero need to learn how to do his job.

Wow. Maybe most of us always have a thought it must be nice if we have a super power. We can do a lot amazing things. And we can help a lot of people. Is that easy/to become a superhero? Nope. This movie telling me that even when you have a super power, it doesn't mean you become a superhero. There's a process that you need to go through before you become one.

This process also happened right now. Everyone of us in this community is on process. With all the lessons, all the things that we never heard before. We need to go step by step on it. Don't try to skip it. Try to enjoy and be the part of it. You can do this. Release that super power that burried inside of you

Be your own superhero.

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viyee Premium
How are you doing with the training. I imagine your hours change daily. Do you manage to put in a few hours a day doing the training?
satsat84 Premium
Right now I'm still a little bit stuck with building the good content.. Cause I think without more good content I can't continue to join with some affiliate program and network
rodsingleton Premium
Yes sir! So true! Appreciate this my man.