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July 10, 2017
I just saw the new spiderman movie last week. It was a good movie in my opinion even not all of my friends like it. But anyway, I want to share what I've got after I watched this movie.Even the superhero need to learn how to do his job. Wow. Maybe most of us always have a thought it must be nice if we have a super power. We can do a lot amazing things. And we can help a lot of people. Is that easy/to become a superhero? Nope. This movie telling me that even when you have a super power, it doesn
Self reminder this week..Without sacrifice there can be no victory! Inspired by the 5th Transformers movie quote.
June 12, 2017
Hallo guys, I'm gonna let you know about my progress so far. This is my 2nd months with WA. And now I just finished Course 2.I think that my progress was too slow. To build some article is the most challenging part for me. So I decided to move on the lessons while I'm learning to build the content on my next article. I only have one article on my website so far. https://premiumdogfoodreviews....In the picture is my friend's dog. He always so happy when I visited him, His cheerful spirit always