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Last Update: December 12, 2017

Yesterday I wrote a quick blog, "Writing Content For Your Site" which highlighted one of the many tools here at WA, and that is the content writer. In this article I mentioned a new site I was using this on. So I thought I would share some site stats.

I am not sharing this domain here, as I don't want false traffic signals as I am doing some traffic analysis.

That means I will be updating this as we go - probably monthly.

You see, I listed some of the things that I have learned and observed. This site will test some of those observations on this site.

So here are the stats for this site as of today:

FYI - the site I referenced here now has some of the "flesh" I was talking about.

For Clarity - For this particular site I have been home sick in bed for a week, so plenty of time to do this. Something I don't always have. I also go back to work tomorrow, so my writing time is going to drop off significantly.

I have 25 articles posted for 49,459 words. (I plan on 10 more articles by Jan 15th)

I have 16 pages (Mostly the legal stuff) for another 14,779 words.

My article stats are 25 articles with 6 articles at 3000 words + / 1 at 4000+ / 3 articles at 2000+.

8 articles are less than 1000 words - the remaining 7 are mostly around the 1800 word count.

Only 2 of these articles are monetized.

My article plan for this site is as follows:

  • have about 30% in depth helpful articles. (2000+ words) (Currently 40%)
  • have about 45% in shorter "Answer the Question" type articles (shared quicker) (Currently at 52%)
  • have about 25% of the articles in "product" review type blogs. The two above type will link to these. (Currently at 8%)

As you can see, there is still work to do. Also, as of the time of writing, this site still has not been indexed by Google.

Plugins That I am actively using (Means I have them active continually, not when I need to do/fix something)

  • All In One
  • Contact 7
  • Anti-Spam
  • Flamingo
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Next update will be when Google indexes the site

Have A great one

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iJared Premium
Thanks for the insights. Great observations that can give us all some food for thought with our own endeavours!