45 Day Challenge

Last Update: August 01, 2016

I enjoy all the training here at WA, and each of you that participate. However, somewhere back in the beginning training we shared goals for what we "were" going to do. I know this is the 9th, but I just placed myself on what I am calling:


So here is the deal and my challenge (to myself, and anyone that wants to comment and take it on themselves)

The basics of where I am at.

I have been playing with a new website I am building since June 19th. (Note - I do not know anything about this niche really). I have a lot of basics done, but not enough writing. I feel with good content, this will be a very good site.

How many words do I need? After looking at some of my competitors, I would like to have about 50,000 additional. That may seem hard, but I have set my mind to do it.

So - to keep myself accountable, I am posting this and sharing.

I installed a plugin called WP WORD COUNTwhich gave me the following stats:

Starting right now, I have 19,122 words with 43% of it published. So by midnight on Tuesday Aug 23, I plan to have the total word count at 70,000 or more with over 75% published.

I will plan on posting 2 updates - 1 around July 25th and the other around Aug 9th.

I am not really worried about ranking per say today, but I will start tracking that in August - possibly with the July 25th update.

Anybody care to join me in a challenge? Write your challenge to yourself in the comments below, and lets see if we can encourage ourselves and others to write the content necessary for their sites.

Hoping you will challenge yourself


Note: I'll share the site after the challenge.

Update 7/13 - To date - I have been putting on right at 1000 words per day. I will need to up that a little to reach my goal.

Update 7/25 - Still at 1000 words per day. I know I will get behind this week as I have company for the week. We will see. Also working on an ebook for another site. Always busy. What can I say

Update 8/1 - Sometimes things happen for a reason, and other times - things just happen. I am having to stop my challenge today due to being "distracted since the 26th. 3 different friends have had children involved in serious accidents, 2 of those life threatening. 1 is still in critical care. Another friends son had a stroke. Then Saturday, there was the unexpected death of a friends son in law at the age of 40. With that being said and the next week being crazy, I am keeping with my priorities and putting this on hold.

Thanks for the comments - we will try this again.

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SamiWilliams Premium

Great goals.
Seems like a good way to keep yourself motivated when in this phase of the site production.

Interesting plug-in as well

Thanks for sharing,
KatieMac Premium
neat plugin in and great goals hope it all goes well for you
JudeP Premium
Great focus and goals :)
BeauAndNik Premium
Awesome stuff!

I too am undertaking a 45 day challenge.. here is what I am undertaking:

14 websites to be built with the minimum requirements to rank. All targeting different niches.

I will be building backlinks, using blog comments, social signals and video marketing for each site until its ranked.

I plan on monetizing each site for a minimum of $200 per month by 45 days. This will net a total of around $2800 in my pocket per month.
sasselin Premium
Great - Let me know how it goes.