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I'm going to try to keep this one has short as I can, so I don't go on a soapbox. There are multiple reasons why I am writing this one. But, I've been contemplating this post for two days now, and after reading some posts this morning, I decided it was time for what I wanted to say.Stop, Don't Do AnythingWhen we came into this program, we were immediately told this will take time and a lot of hard work. We signed up to this deal and walked in here knowing this. Wealthy Affiliate never misleads
I'm not even sure where I'm going to go with this post, other than what I'm feeling and where I'm at, and hopefully inspiring others in the same boat as I am. Everyone Has a StoryI have a story, but so does everyone. I could tell my story about all my up's and downs and all the way around, but I am not going to. As my story is no more special than someone elses story. I will start out by saying, I am starting at the bottom of the barrel. I really don't have the monthly subscrition fee I have to
I have never been one that liked to even think of schedules or to do list. I have had my phases to where I would attempt it, but for an Earth sign that I am..I really love FreedomBut..What is Freedom?A lot of people want to work from home so they can be a part of the family more or so they aren't on the 9-5 schedule of work. Or like my previous work swing shifts where every day was a different schedule and you were just exhausted all the time because you couldn't even sleep on a schedule (so I
April 11, 2019
No, I didn't get my first downline member or a sale yet. LOL But, I got over being intimidated. I really didn't like my template on my main website, and I really wanted the templates to match between my two sites especially since they are working as sister sites. I was soooo intimidated thinking about if something went wrong if I changed templates now. But, I finally got to the point I hate that template and I wanted it changed.So, I backed up my files (lol none of you guys know me I'm bad abou
April 09, 2019
I literally just got out of bed and was going through my morning routine. I layed in bed meditating as I was waking up. I come down stairs made sure there was coffee available. I log into my browser. I looked at all the blog post titles from here in my email. I read one which was really good. I'm sorry, but I think I forgot to like it I don't know. I did comment on a beautiful comment. Then I had a ah ha moment.GraceMy post yesterday on my spiritual page was about grace. Just about all the cont
When You Do The Right Thing With the Wrong ReasonAnyone who has been to my page knows I follow the teachings of Sadhguru very closely. He often tells the story of why he went into Yoga in the first place. When he was a child their game was to fall in a well and see who can climb out the fastest with only their hands, and this older gentleman was watching them one day and demonstrated he could do it better than of those younger people. Thus, making Sadhguru curious about how and to learn how to
I'm not normally a bragger, but I'd just like to say thank you to Wealthy Affiliate for this awesome training. This is still my first month. I signed up to my premimum account Feb. 28 and started working on my site since. I had some things going on and couldn't get to really working on everything until that following Tuesday. So, today makes about two weeks of working on my site. These keywords, aren't that popular I will admit, but I think they will become more so in the future. I am just thri
Why did I say the sky is the limit, then said not really! Because I don't like that expression the sky is not the limit, we know now that we can go past the sky. Past the sky, is a vast area that we can assume goes on forever. So to those regards, the better expression to use is "There is no limit!" So my thought for today is to inspire everyone and myself to not limit yourself. You have no limit. The potential at Wealthy Affiliate to keep growing indefinately is definately there. You don't hav
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Wasn't expecting this news so soon! Here's to a good start! Yepee!