Stop What You Are Doing!

Last Update: May 08, 2019

I'm going to try to keep this one has short as I can, so I don't go on a soapbox. There are multiple reasons why I am writing this one. But, I've been contemplating this post for two days now, and after reading some posts this morning, I decided it was time for what I wanted to say.

Stop, Don't Do Anything

When we came into this program, we were immediately told this will take time and a lot of hard work. We signed up to this deal and walked in here knowing this. Wealthy Affiliate never misleads you, they will even tell you if you aren't ready to work hard and dedicate a year before seeing results that this isn't for you.

In one's mind, in their perception, they have a date in their head that most people already set up if I don't see results by ______ I'm quitting. With that mind set, you are already setting yourself up for disaster. Your thoughts are "if I don't see results by then" is setting yourself up to not get results. As the date comes closer and closer you get more agitated and set yourself up for a self prophecy disaster. You start to question the legitimacy of it. You start to say to yourself they are just stringing me along I'm not seeing results. So, you are putting negative energy into everything you are doing.

Frustrated, Tired, Expecting to See Something In Particular?

Every morning, do you wake up looking into your email hoping to see a referral? Do you say to yourself oh God, I signed up for this thing I really should do the training. Go to the computer, log into Wealth Affiliate. See the uplifting posts, mumble something under your breathe because you are feeling defeated? Or see a negative post, and happily absorb yourself into that yeah I've been thinking the same thing? Why haven't I got a referral yet? Why is my post not getting indexed? Be grudging and drudging. Then, it becomes why am I still doing this.

Yet, you go to your training. Frustrated, upset, and tell yourself lets do this thing. Then, you misunderstand every word you read or the videos don't make any sense to you. STOP! You ask a question 5 minutes goes by no one has responded or their response seems to be nothing that you are facing. Does this happen to you?


Stop, Stop, Stop!

When you are already thinking negatively, absolutely nothing positive, unless you were just born under a lucky star, is going to work for you. Your newest post on your website is going to sound like Oscar the Grouch talking to people. How are you going to convince someone to sign up or buy whatever your niche is if you sound like the most hateful person on the planet? How are you going to have the joy and excitement in your voice if you are telling someone about Wealthy Affiliate and trying to convince them to sign up IF you aren't convinced yourself.

So, you can't get your referrals to go premium? Then you post and comment about it with them watching? Would you go premium if your sponsor was complaining about no one going premium? Why would they bother upgrading if you are saying no one upgrades? Once again self fulfilled prophecy. The problem is NOT Wealthy Affiliate.

Just STOP shut it off, walk away.

What to Do

Shut off the computer. Walk away. Go about your life you are trying to escape with this business. Remind yourself why you signed up in the first place. Then take a walk outside in nature preferably if not just walk. If you are disabled and can't walk, then shut off all devices find a comfortable spot away from everyone. Shut your eyes, see the nothingness behind your eyelids and just watch the nothingness for a while and stay quiet. You need to shut your mind and quiet yourself. Then, go back to that life you are trying to escape while visualizing what you really want in life.

When you finally get refocused with that emotion that made you sign up in the first place, then turn your devices back on holding THAT thought, and look again with the fresh eyes you had when you first signed up here. Then ......

Go! Go! Go!

Your clarity is going to be better, your energy is going to be better and you are going to attract the success you so dearly desire.

When those same negative thoughts come back

Oh yeah, those same negative thoughts that tell you this is too hard, it's not going to work, I don't think I'm doing something right. Nothing works for me. They are all going to come back and put you right back in that place again... It will happen. Take the advice of the shampoo bottle.

Wash Rinse Repeat! Wash Rinse Repeat! Wash Rinse Repeat!

Keep following those directions and you will succeed!

My Parting Thought

I know I sounded harsh and blunt, but this is the wake up call some of you need. If you get angry with me, that is okay. If you think this is rude, I will take that take that too. I hope you will find this helpful and I have done this in every loving way I could think of, but I real friend tells the truth and they tell it like it is.

May you be blissfully blessed and your life full of abundance in everyway.


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FKelso Premium
Very helpful post, and so true. Good suggestions about shutting off the negative. It's so vital! Good for you. Rant on.
SaraStorey Premium
Thank you dear! Much Success!
Nadia27 Premium
Hi Sara
I completely agree with you.
I joined WA and for the first months, I loved the training but felt that it will take for ever to take off and I walked away. Never trashed the program or anything of the sort.
We all know the terms if at the time it's not good for you, go your way, no need to discourage or mislead others and make them doubt about this great opportunity.
SaraStorey Premium
Thank you for your comment, be blessed :)