Scheduling Leads to Concentration

Last Update: April 17, 2019

I have never been one that liked to even think of schedules or to do list. I have had my phases to where I would attempt it, but for an Earth sign that I am..I really love Freedom

But..What is Freedom?

A lot of people want to work from home so they can be a part of the family more or so they aren't on the 9-5 schedule of work. Or like my previous work swing shifts where every day was a different schedule and you were just exhausted all the time because you couldn't even sleep on a schedule (so I guess that part of scheduling I was wanting a better one)

So, we get started with a business where we can stay at home, spend time with the family, and work in our pajamas. That is what is advertised with most at home business. The luxury of not having a boss to tell you when, why or how.

So, we tell ourselves we want FREEDOM. Then we start our business. We open our lessons or our website we start to work on it. Phone rings, UPS comes, dinner needs cooking, dishes need washing, clothes need washing, emails need checking..list goes on and on, we sit down at our computer we stare it at it, then its time to do something else before you can even make a post. So, end of the day your exhausted you got absolutely nothing done.. Not even those dishes in the sink. Well, that doesn't sound so fun does it?

Time to Reprogram What Freedom Means

So, let's sit down right a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan (along with goals), and then a what is next plan. Freedom now means less stress, less confusion, less going absolutely out of your mind crazy wasting time trying to figure what is next in the next 5 minutes.

Yes, I just did that last night. I was watching a video on YouTube a few nights ago and if you want to succeed in your life and have control over your mind then you need to concentrate. Concentrate means to finish what you started. I will be the first one to tell you it is not as easy as that. There's always interruptions but we can quiet our minds and tell ourselves we are not going to work on one thing until what we are working on is finished. Interruption happens we deal with it then go back immediately to what we are doing.

A few things may not get finished, but SOMETHING will. The chaos is down to a minimal.

My Plan Was Drawn Out Last Night

I drawn out my plan out last night. I left no hour untouched. All 24 hours are accounted for. If I finished a project early, there's an arrow pointing down to what to work on in between time to the next important thing that is scheduled.

I woke up about noon today, I work late at night when I know the rest of the world will be asleep and I can concentrate. So, this is how I did it. from noon until 8pm That's my cleaning time and cooking time the household stuff. 8PM til 2 AM that's my work on the business time. My cleaning is detailed and the other things I do only are also in there as well. But, the small projects are in the interruption times of my day. The hours where i'm more likely to get interrupted.

My business plan is during hours I have figured out there is the least amounts of interruptions. Everyone, has their own time frames of craziness to calmness (or semi calmness) so each person would have to figure out their plans.

How Did It Work Today?

Well its 8:08 my time while I'm writing this. So I'm right on time for working on my business. I was able to actually clean up my kitchen entirely even after dinner. Usually I wake up with dishes in the morning because I'm usually trying to work on the business during the day in the middle of the mayhem and I usually end up with nothing complete. Since, I stuck to my schedule for the most part and yes there were a few minor distractions you know everyday life stuff that just happens. Finances, something messing up unexpected, the dog needing to go out but I got so much done. That tomorrow my schedule for cleaning and stuff will be done early and I will have more time worked in for work. So today I would say was very successful.

Did I get any post made yet today? No, but I think I will tonight. It should also take less time because I won't be starting and stopping and losing thought and creativeness.

Parting Thoughts

I said all of this because it is very hard to concentrate on one thing if you don't have a plan and a schedule already worked out. You try to multitask and then something either goes wrong, you get lost, or nothing is complete. My concentrating on one thing the quality of that one this will be so much better, and you will be more successful.

So, while its all nice to dream of working in your pj's and being a freebird. It doesn't put your mind where you need to be, to be successful. I even disagree with the pictures of working on the laptop on the couch. Way too many distractions, I move my desk last night to my upstairs bedroom to get away from tv, noises, outside activity etc. You will be way more successful away from all of that. Sitting at a desk makes you in the mindset that you are work. Being dressed makes you in that work mindset (granted I wear a robe because I'm chilly). But the more you feel like you are running a real business and you are going to work, the more you are going to treat as a real business and it will work!

I will leave it at that for now. May you be blissfully blessed and abundance flow on you like rain.

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yangetmaij Premium
Very inspiring and thanks for sharing.
SaraStorey Premium
Thank you :)
FKelso Premium
You are so wise to come up with a complete schedule for your time. I need to do a more exact one. It's a little simpler at my house, because it is just me and the cat. Still, scheduling is important, if you want to accomplish all you set out to do. Good post.
SaraStorey Premium
Thank you
jillxyz Premium
Same page here. Cheers AJ
TamaSA Premium
Totally agree with needing a schedule. Some days I can’t get anything done because I’m skipping from task to task. Great job!
SaraStorey Premium
Thank you!