Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life!

Last Update: November 22, 2019

'Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life!'. This is a bold statement to be making at 9am on a Friday, however, it is true. Now the first question that many would ask at this point is, 'How much money have you made?'. My answer would be: £22.00. Now to most that would seem like nothing for six months work, however to me it is the most rewarding £22.00 I have earned in my life.

Three years ago, I had just graduated from University, after returning to get my degree at 41, I knew I wanted to write and continue my research. I even set up a blog with wordpress and started building an outlet for my writing. I set up Facebook pages and Instagram etc. But those accounts and blog, went nowhere. Not a single person visited, as I had absolutely no idea how to build, market and make a website a success, so I abandoned the whole idea.

At the time of graduating, I had a strong desire for freedom from the employed life. I had loved the University lifestyle and the flexibility it gave me with spending time with my children. I wanted to be in control of my intellect, time and energy, abundance, and so took a leap into the world of self employment.

Whilst this proved very rewarding for time and energy and happiness, it proved to be incredibly unsuccessful in the abundance department. What I discovered is that the 'way' I chose meant I was pretty much employed, but with a quarter of the salary and no benefits. This led me to break down to the universe, with a statement 'there has got to be a better way'.

I remember as if it was yesterday, the day I found Wealthy Affiliate. I arrived incredibly sceptical and viewed the whole thing with fear and doubt. A friend of mine had gone with another affiliate marketing site and had paid over £2000.00 to do their training. However, I figured I would give the free trial a go, I had absolutely nothing to lose!

The whole time I was waiting for the up sell or the hard sale to go premium. waiting for the emails to offer exclusive levels for more money. Instead, what I got was an amazing amount of lessons and knowledge free of charge. I was hooked, I wanted to learn everything I could and after a few weeks I realised this wasn't a scam, and I wasn't going to be asked to upgrade to higher and higher levels of membership, so I went premium.

As a self-confessed technophobe, the thought of building websites or getting ranked and monetising, were all very daunting. However, WA made the whole process easy to follow in bite size, step by step lessons.

Since then I have been very privileged to have learned so much, to have my first website that is visited by people and is providing an average of 25 Amazon sales a month! and to be part of one of the most helpful and supportive communities I have ever been part of.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life, because it has made my dreams a possibility. I dream of having multiple websites, writing a book, continuing my own business, and one day traveling and truly living the laptop lifestyle. I would also love to collaborate with some of the wonderful people have met here. It has made the possibilities of my life unbounded and unlimited. WA has provided 'the way'.

I now love my life (even the tough times), because I know that they are just preparing me for the greatness along the path. My goals are big and my dreams even bigger and I look forward to WA continuing to help me achieve them.

I thank all those who have connected with me so far, and I wish you all well on your journey's

Much Love


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Swangirl Premium
I am so glad to see this is all working out for your Sara! It will only get better and better from here. You are doing really well for such a short time. This really is a special place and I wish I could explain in just a few sentences to others how different it is. It is a very unique place and we are lucky to be part of it.

SaraPoyner Premium
Hi Jessica, so lovely to hear from you. Thanks for confirming how special this community is : )
mcb247 Premium
Well done Sara, I know that there will be far more commissions in the future.

When I started a year ago I earned very little after six months, but today I paid for my next years' membership from commissions I have earned this month alone.

Keep going it will happen.

SaraPoyner Premium
Yes that's my plan, to initially get Wa paying for itself, and then the sky's the limit : ) Thanks Martin for the encouragement and confirmation it can be done!
sdawson Premium
This is to read and you are so right about how awesome Wealthy Affiliate's program is. It is all right up front, no upsell after upsell, only the one upgrade to Premium Membership which even that can be discounted by taking advantage of "advance payment" discounts." I've only paid $25/month on average for the last 3 years since I took advantage of the Black Friday Specials offer and I'm locked in at that price now. Much better than the regular $49/month I first paid for Premium Membership.
SaraPoyner Premium
Such a bargain for what we get! Thanks for talking the time to read and remind us all of the additional special offers available to everyone : )
JerilynWin Premium
May I ask what niche you ended up with that is getting so many Amazon sales? I'm now doubting my original niche, not sure whether to keep at it (coffee). I'm also using these WA tools to build my own author website (my agent is pitching my debut novel now!) and a website for my Norwex products - about life and cleaning hacks - I just blog about them instead of doing home parties.
SaraPoyner Premium
I took on Multi Level Marketing too, and decided I would also go the blogging route as apposed to the parties. I have to say this hasn't been as successful as my Amazon Associates. But this is early days and with plans for a new website in the new year I hope to expand both.

I went in to the organic baby products market, which is proving to be very popular. Although I find it hard to write for it, as it is not my passion. But it has so much potential, so I intend to continue this site over the next year. It provided a great training ground and is now paying dividends. The sales are many but very low ticket value, so I hope to focus on a higher price range for my reviews.

Sounds like you are achieving everything that I aspire to achieve, so congratulations! I hope to follow in your footsteps : )
MForstner Premium
Congratulations Sara! Your hard work and persistence paid off.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks Mike! yes hard work and persistence with a little help from the wonderful people here are all coming together nicely : )