Don't die with your music still in you

Last Update: February 03, 2020

This morning I woke up knowing that I would be back writing and that brought mixed emotions, excitement, anticipation and maybe a little fear. Will I be inspired to write something after all this time?

I have been reading a book by Dr Wayne Dyer and in the book he gave the advice 'Don't die with your music still in you' and this resonated, really powerfully this morning, as I start writing for my passion project website.

I realised that have spent most of my life doing what I thought (or what others thought) was the right thing to do. I have spent much time worrying about what people think and how to please them. I followed a sensible path in life going into finance at 18, starting first with working in pensions, then insurance, then mortgages and settling for 20 years as a financial adviser. Most would say that I had been successful, reaching the top of league tables many times. Working long hours to achieve big things.

Of course with the job came money and stability however, this all required sacrifice. What I hadn't realised was that for twenty years I had actually sacrificed living who I truly was. Back in the 'olden days' (as my children call the era (70's/80's) I grew up in) you would have a meeting with a careers officer, and they would ask what you would like to do. My answer was actress, I loved and adored the theatre and singing, I had been acting and performing since I was a baby it was in the very soul of my being.

However on that day that I had the meeting with the careers officer, she told me I was being ridiculous, "not many people make it, it is hard and you won't make money". She advised me that a much better path was to apply to the multitude of pension and insurance companies that were in my town, which I did. That one meeting made me live for twenty years with my music suppressed and bubbling inside me.

Then one day, my mind and body decided to really make me listen, by making me collapse on the floor of the bank that I was working in. In the 6 months I had to recover, I undertook lots of 'soul-searching'. They often say if you want to find 'your music' you only need to think back to when you were a child. Back before you were socialised and conditions to believe there was only one way.

When I looked back I remembered that I loved music, I would play my records and sing for hours. I loved performing. I also had an old style typewriter that I loved to write on, I would write plays and articles for magazines I designed and letters to imaginary people about the wonderful adventures and travels I would have in my life. I also love photography and when I was younger always had a camera with me and documented much of my younger life with photo's.

At the age of 38 I rediscovered what my 'music' was. And as many of you know I returned to university to get a first class honors degree in theatre arts. So what is the music that is in you?

Abraham Maslow advises us that 'A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be'. This quote made me realise that I had spent most of my life not at peace, because I was not being what I could be.

Dr Dyer urges us that we must listen to our hearts, and that our heart is who we really are, this is where our passion is, where our true north is and where our music is, whatever that may be. he also advises us to listen to our right brain. The right brain is that invisible presence, like a nagging little creature of intuition that knows the truth. This is the part of you that will remind you of your sense of purpose, just as it did to me, as I lay on the floor of the bank I was working at.

I know better than most that being passionate and letting the music out means taking risks and is scary maybe even terrifying. When I left a secure well-paid job to go study theatre, everyone told me I was crazy. How would I pay the bills? How would we maintain our comfortable life? but that nagging little voice (my music) was now shouting too loud for me to ignore!

So what is your little voice inside shouting? How do you know what your heroic mission is? What is your music and are you honestly sharing it with the world? How do you know? you will find your passion, your music, in what inspires you most. Go back to your childhood, like I did what did you love doing? what were your dreams, before someone told you they weren't possible or not doing it by the book? What stirs your soul?

What does this have to do with affiliate marketing?


If you are researching and writing about a subject that you are passionate about, it will show in your writing and will attract far more visitors. If you are writing about a subject many are, like Wealthy Affiliate, do it in your own special way. Let your own music out, not only will it make your websites far more successful, but it will make it much more fun along the way.

I now know that I want to share my music with the world and I start with this small post. My 'music' is to sing, perform, travel, take pictures and to write about it all. This is yet another beginning for me, and I am incredibly excited to have an outlet here to release much more of my 'music' in my new passion project website. I hope myself and the wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer have inspired you to do the same.

Much Love



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Rachele4 Premium
I love it! Your topics are so engaging and motivating!
I recently had similar realizations about my life and it has been a bit frightening to see. I was unsure how to make my passions work to provide income. I was terrified until I was introduced to WA. Now I see a direction, I have not only hope but excitement and expectancy for my future. I look forward to reading more id your work.
SaraPoyner Premium
Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking time to read my work. I just write from my heart and from my experience and hope that both can help or inspire others : )
Twack Premium
Well someone hasn't slunk in through the side door. You've come up through the trap door in the centre of the stage and delivered a soliloquy worthy enough stand alongside Withnail's Hamlet.

Seeing as there's musical theme pumping through the veins of your post, I cannot resist this quote, though not entirely relevant, it does touch on something.

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." ~ George Carlin

You have indeed connected the dots and probably now realise that they depict not the whole picture but are part of a much larger collage.

So good to have you back, in full voice, so to speak.
SaraPoyner Premium
'to be or not to be, that is the question' and I choose being! You always delight with another fabulous quote or angle. It is so lovely to hear your voice. The WA circuit feels different somehow now.

I do have to say I could get used to this write in the day and work an evening shift. This week I am blessed with 4 writing days and it feels deliciously exciting. Finally I have time.

Tomorrow I am going to tidy and tweek the existing organic baby site. And then I enter the planning phase of the passion project, which I am going to love, because I will just be able to write for me. No pressure to affiliate or make money, just have the sheer joy of writing.

How are all your projects going? Next year I will start affiliating WA and going for Vegas. But this year I dedicate to selfish passion :)
Twack Premium
Thank you Sara and the feeling is mutual, it's good to have you back. You're right, the 'vibe' is slightly different. There has been a 'cabinet' reshuffle, a changing of the guard, if you will.
As for projects, let's just say that I have no excuses for not finding anything to right about, just need to be more efficient with my time.
Like you, I have found a place to just write, literally about anything that takes my fancy, from watches to Dolly Parton. It's completely random, which is as I Iike it.
I dare say you'll get back into the swing of things. 2020 is going to be an epic year, that's for sure.
SaraPoyner Premium
Wow, Watches to Dolly Parton sounds awesome and perfectly Twack!

Yes there is definitely a 'changing of the guard' vibe. Good to have some of the veterans still in full flow xx
Talk2Ray Premium
What an amazing story Sara. Everyone is born with a reason; a purpose in life. I did not realize this but we are often distracted by what others think we should do and as you shared we end up living our life for the wrong reasons.
Thanks for sharing this insightful post; it makes me think and rethink with the hopes that I too might do what I am made to do.
Have a blessed week ahead.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks Ray you too! : )
Joy3 Premium
As a musician myself I dedicate my life to sharing the music that is given to me be creation. I am aiming to inspire the world and I am enjoying the journey.
SaraPoyner Premium
Joy that is truly wonderful! Thankyou for your music, and thank you for taking your time to read and comment : )
RamiSociable Premium
I hold my hand up and had misread the title as don' die while the music is still! lol and came in to ask why not? heh heh

Instead I was met with a subtle and very cleverly beguiling piece of writing. Admire you are evidently honing the skills as a very effective strategy for someone who eventually intends to do what you say you want to do ;)

Both informative and entertaining what else could they possibly want.
PS music has been on ever since I could remember and will probably be still on when they cart me away ;
PSS Your most welcome and its at my pleasure!
SaraPoyner Premium
hahaha that is so funny! Lets keep that music on :)
RamiSociable Premium
You betcha!! ;