Last Update: February 20, 2017

I have not been online recently. This is simply due to my preparations for Vegas and Dallas. I have also been doing loads of courses, seminars and webinars with personal development. One thing that I learnt and its so important is:


I love you

Please forgive me

I'm Sorry


Its for Cleansing of the mind to get help deter negation, procrastination and self doubt.

This I chant to myself all the time and really does work. Jo Vitalie has loads of books on this and is such a great way to help you move forward in life prosperity and abundance.

I thought I would share with you as success in life is 85% psychology and 15% action.

Have a great day now!!

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apache1 Premium
Hi Sarajane, I understand as I have been working on Ho'oponopono as well as gaining my Practioner's certificate with Joe
Thank you
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Sarajane, I was wondering what it meant. Now I know.
MKearns Premium
Thank you Sara Jane! I feel the beautiful forces of Hawaii and the island Pacific rolling in as I research this! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoʻoponopono
Temujin1 Premium
Agree with you.