My Wealthy Affiliate Journey - The Awesome Things I Learned Here

Last Update: May 04, 2018


Hello my fellow WA friends!

My name is Cem Ozturk and I have been a premium member for only a few months now at wealthy affiliate and already I have learned so much.

As you know, the internet can be an overwhelming place with all the information everywhere and often times, people get overloaded with the details and don't know where to begin. This is why WA is the best website and community I have found!

This is my journey so far, my background and my overall story.

Why I Got Started

Over the years I have become extremely passionate about self development. There are a lot of different factors for the source of this motivation but essentially, as I got older I started to notice that my beliefs and way of thinking was different to most people.

This was difficult at first because as you're growing up, you're often told to never dream big or stay in your lane or simply follow society and do what everyone else does. I looked around and realized that I simply wasn't happy with what everyone else was doing.

This is when I finally decided that the average life was not for me. I wasn't taking no for answer, and I definitely knew my destiny was 100% within my control.

I wanted to focus on 3 specific things. Wealth, health and relationships. Eventually after many years of constant failures and constantly trying to launch different wordpress sites, blogs, email marketing, my wealth motivator brought me to this wealthy affiliate site.

The Niche I Chose

One of my other motivators and passion is dating. More specifically learning attraction and understanding female psychology. The core motivator behind this goal, was simply because this was an area that I struggled with my entire life.

Constant self-learning and training has helped me drastically improve my life in this area (still learning as you can never know enough) which is why it was a no brainer for me when sitting up my first blog here at wealthy affiliate. I knew right away what topic I wanted to talk about.

All the articles I have written on my website are things I have learned and experimented on myself personally, hence why It is an enjoyable experiencing writing about them.

What I have learned so far

SEO /Site trust - and how this impacts indexing speeds and therefore ultimately your site rankings.

Comments/Engagements - and how this is impacts your site trust.

Publishing frequency - Up until joining wealthy affiliate, I thought this was not a factor when deciding rankings (I was wrong)

Google loves Google Plus! - Who would have thought? I didn't realize how much love the big G has for it.

My Progress So Far

Currently my website is build with several articles already written. The articles have comments and have been shared to my Google+ profile.

I am still going through the training, but I am truly enjoying my moments here in this community. I'm online on this site as much as I possibly can, sometimes even at work! (PS Just don't tell my boss)

My Goals For The Next 3-6 Months

My goal for the next 3-6 months is to totally dominate this niche. I will have many articles listed on my site and shared on my social media profiles with better SEO rankings as site trust increases.

During this time I would also start to earn some money and be well and truly on my way to my financial goals.

Thank you for reading this post! Let me know in the comments below what your journey is for the next 3-6 months :)

Cem Ozturk

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HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Cem, great blog. It is very difficult to balance the three things that you mention, but to enjoy the quality of life, balance we must. Thanks for sharing.
samozturk Premium
Thanks HarveyBrown, the difficult things in life is always worth pursuing!