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Last Update: May 02, 2020

Soo I'm doing some keyword research on Jaaxy and have the following options:

Option 1 | Avg 285 | traffic 49 | QSR 94 | SEO 96

Option 2 | Avg 600 | traffic 103 | QSR 4 | SEO 89

If it's better to have high traffic and low competition, then why is the SEO score lower for option 2?

Mind boggling!

Which one would you go for and why?

Also, Kyle says on the training video to aim for traffic over 30 and QSR under 50 but then on another comment, he says over 50 for and under 100 QSR.

Which one of these is working for you?

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crytonewbies Premium
Very good question, any answer from Kyle or other experts here in WA.

STCCynthia Premium
Great Question Sammi - I would love to know the outcome.
LawrenceHill Premium
Until you mentioned grammatically incorrect , I would have definitely said option 2 . and I'm still in the mind that option 2 is better.

The AVG is an actual figure. The traffic is a calculated figure based on AVG.

I only look at AVG and QSR! Because I thought that was what the training said. I might be wrong!

For 'standard' keywords , I thought the training was AVG greater than 200 and QSR less than 100

For long tail keywords, I thought the training was AVG greater than 100 and QSR less than 30.

The fact that your option 2 is getting > 600 AVG , says a lot of people are searching on the grammatically incorrect phrase! Are you being too grammar conscious? is there any way you can compose a decent title with the grammatically incorrect phrase?
pbarrientos Premium
Why not both of them and measure them?
marcho88 Premium
Option 2. QSR is 4 which means you will rank in first page.👍
Sammi30 Premium
I realised option 2 is grammatically incorrect, should I still use it?
Stanleycmng Premium
Better to go with proper grammar. It is more professional especially if you want to grow into an authority site.
Sammi30 Premium
Thank you kindly Stanley 🙏
marcho88 Premium
You need proper grammar. Amend and check on the score again. :)