Where I am to date - Suggestions and help appreciated & needed!!

Last Update: May 21, 2011

Hello My Fellow WAer’s,
I have wanted to post in the forum for a while now, I have only done one other post & that was my intro. I have some questions I really would like feedback and help with and I don’t know why I hesitated so much as I know that’s one of the reasons for our forums. I am still fairly new to all of this; I joined about 2 and a half weeks ago. I have been learning and taking in lots of information. I read the statement “you are only going to get out what you put in” a lot so I have been maybe going overboard because some days I spend 10 hours at my desk. I read and see the success you can achieve with hard work and I so badly want to be there! I am working my rear off. Don’t get me wrong I love it! I get up to do other things and can’t wait to sit back down to learn more!

To date I have 2 websites, about 6 Squidoo lens, a few articles here and there and tons of bookmarks on social sites. I have watched all the tutorials and taken books of notes not to mention other information I have read.
I am only getting a handful of visits a day if that to any of my work. This telling me I need to do a lot more. I have tons of things I would like to learn more about and improve on.

But are my questions / needing advice areas.

1. I would like use my time more wisely, by that I mean doing my learning, keeping up on the content I have published & adding to it and then also adding more websites, lens, articles and what ever else I need to be doing now. To do this I really need a schedule!!! Daily, weekly, Bi-Weekly and so on. I really need help in this area as I have tried to come up with one that allots me time for each of those areas. This is hard to make when really I am not sure what all I should be doing in each of these areas daily, weekly so on & so on. If I am missing steps even.

2. I would like to learn how to do more things within my websites as far as designing. I have 2 WordPress sites and I am not really impressed with them as far as me having control over the designing part. I want it to look nice and eye appealing to my visitors. More Graphics, customized menus maybe, just more of a WoW factor and more style. I know nothing about codes and the inside of a site so this has been a real upsetting subject for me lol And trying to research this has been painful. I found a few tutorials & articles in the training help section under web design that looked like they might be helpful but when I clicked on them it said sorry there were removed. Why the article and information was there about what was being offered but the tutorial or actual information removed I don’t know.

So that’s my story as to where I am right now. I would REALLY appreciate any feedback, suggestions, tips and your time in answering my post. I know what I want out of this and I am putting everything I have into it to make my future bright in WA! Thanks again everyone for reading this.


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SamanthaLynn Premium
Thank you Labman!! That is great information, the reading did help me a lot and I am getting a better feel for things as to what I should be doing, doing more of and in general it is SUPER good information. I saved a copy of it as well as I am one of those people who sometimes need to read it a few times and each time I get something else out of it. I appreciate you taking your time to help!

Thank You Genegem, That was a really helpful outline! You’re very right about working at home and what you have to do. I am in the stage of trying to figure what to give my time to etc as none of them seem to be any good at the moment but I know I am probably expecting too much in this short amount of time. My big thing is I think I tried to learn so much I stuff to much info in at once and now I am like lost in the fog!! So I will go back and read the Success in 30 days emails again all the while remembering your advice so I can prioritize and schedule as you gave a great outline as to exactly what I need to be looking for, just advice on how some other’s schedule look like because it is hard to make one when you don't know if you’re missing a step your suppose to be doing etc. Thanks a MILLION again! BTW the link you gave me, gave me this message when I went to it....There is no such URL in our database! May have been removed due to use in a SPAM email message http://itshrunk.com/85e312%20http://itshrunk.com/53ca32)
Hi Samantha

You will find a wealth of helpful info here.

As far as using your time more wisely goes nobody can create a timetable for you. Working at home has its pitfalls and everyone who has started a home biz has experienced the same problems whether they admit to it or not. In the beginning it is so easy to spend 16 hours a day playing with the business but sooner or later you have to sort out a disciplined schedule or go bust.

When you were an employee you had to do what the employer demanded but now at home you are both employer and employee. There are 24 hours in every day. Working at home gives you the freedom to fit your work into the day wherever suits you best.

Step 1: Decide how many hours a day you will devote to the biz - say 6-8 hours max. Step 2: Decide where those hours fit best. Maybe two hours before breakfast, two hours after lunch and two hours after kids are tucked up in bed asleep. Step 3 - put the various tasks into fixed time slots - eg: 2 hours article writing; 2 hours tweaking webpages; 2 hours study and 2 hours for email catch up, forums, etc.

I know from my own experience having operated from home in offline businesses that this is always easier said than done. But remember only a few hours in your workday are revenue producing. Take the example of a masseuse or therapist operating at home. It's only when they have a client in session that they're making money. Other jobs need doing in between clients but that's 'unpaid' labor. Transfer this example across to your IM biz. Which work tasks produce the dollars and which ones don't? Give top priority to the revenue producing tasks.

There's no shortage of blogs/articles on time management but here's a couple of quick reads you may find helpful.


Labman Premium
I went to the help menu item and looked through the Misc. files for something that might help. I came up with this tutorial. It's for bummarketers but might get you headed in the right direction. Here's the link. You will have to copy and paste it to your address bar.
SamanthaLynn Premium
Thank you for that information, Unfortunately I am only a Gold member so that information is not available to me :( But I appreciate you trying to help!
robert2704 Premium
If you go to the training center tab, the last one is accreditation courses. There's a schedule for article marketing in lesson 8.