When Choosing a Niche

Last Update: June 03, 2020

Make a logical choice...one that is you!

It is easy to get distracted with:

  • The top 10 products for the year
  • The evergreen niches
  • The marketing affiliate programs as your reviewing them
  • What other people are doing
  • List goes on....

Believe it or not a beard straightener is very hot right now! I'm sure you've seen that along with bras and other nonsense on Instagram. Yes, this stuff sells and definitly to someone whose got a sales funnel down...But it's also one of the quickest ways to lose focus.

When your Niche is something that you are passionate about you have an easier time remembering that everything you learn on Wealthy Affiliate is supporting YOU!

When it doesn't, you find yourself drawing blanks on how to market online and your lack of excitement will show. However, when you are in YOUR niche you'll have the same excitement you do when you are sharing your passion in person with your friends and family. In fact, just find another family online and start talking to them as well.

I don't know about you but I struggle with this part because I do want to make money, but I also need to have my spiritual interests aligned. All I'm saying is that it is important to me to help others succeed. Sometimes I am worried that there is not a market out there for people that need help...sounds ridiculous now that I put it that way!

I also like to remind myself that a brick and mortar business gets local traffic and maybe some online sales. With the internet, everyone with internet access is your market.

So I'm no longer discouraged about my niche and here I am doing what I love to do. Find what you need to remind yourself to stay unique because that is the only thing that you can sell that nobody else can. Also, make sure that it is in alignment with the things that you love and are excited about.

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Dmorrow Premium
I see you learning and growing as you go through the training here at wealthy affiliate Samantha. Way to go!


SamanthaEise Premium
Thank you so much. This is very enjoyable and everone's support and feedback makes it really fun.

josephb1 Premium
I really hope you enjoying the training Samantha
SamanthaEise Premium
Yes, I am. I'm taking time to put together my about me pages at the moment.
josephb1 Premium
I'm so happy for you Samantha great work
KatiMouse Premium
Very well said, Sam. Fabulous advice!

Keep doing what you enjoy.

JKulk1 Premium
Excellent advice. You definitely need to be happy with your niche. It's always easier to write about a topic you're interested in rather then one you're not. All the Best. Jim
SamanthaEise Premium
Thank you Jim
Joes946 Premium
Great advice.