Sam-K 's Theory Of Gravitation

Last Update: March 07, 2019

Hellow Guys ,

Having Problems writing good content ? Boring ? Time Problems ?

Well, The solution is very simple .

Here is an Awesome 24 hrs daily plan for you :

  • 7 hrs 49 min Sleep
  • 8 hrs 17 min Facebook
  • 1 hr 33 min for eat , bathroom , ...
  • 27 min working .
  • 2 hrs 16 min diving in the car devided into 1 hr 4 min in traffic jams and 1 hr 12 min just driving around.
  • 1 hr 52 min thinking about how hard life is.
  • 1 hr 46 min gossipping about others .

Total = 24 hours

Am i joking ? Well , actualy i am not.

Well , May be you feel like a failure and start to mimic others what they are doing .

Here is the thing :

photo source :

The Problem

There is only one problem that faces writers , that is they are not in the mood of writing

Why that is important ?

Because when we read a book, an article or any piece of content we do not only get the information , we get some of the writer 's emotions , mood , even we can see what personality he has and how he present his ideas and think about things and the world around him.

Getting in the mood is important , because we are emotional creatures , even the most intellectual intellegent men are emotional .

The audience ( the reader ) will be affected by your emotions about the subject ,your mood at the time of writing , because that will be reflected on the way you present your ideas .

AT the end , the audience will convert according to their mood and emotional reaction toward your post.

How to get in the mood of writing ?

You need to get happy , cheer up , then start writing your post . Thats it .

Some of the ways i use to cheer up is that i listen to happy tone songs , watch a youtube video about people dancing , read quotes that relieve stress or joyful quotes , and so on.

May be something like this , happy tone music

You have to make good mood as a practice every day because you will be an expert of what you practice daily , i mean if you practice anixiety , you will be anixuous for the tiniest things , if you practice anger , you will be angry for the tiniest things ,if you practice cheering and hope , you will be happy and in the mood most of the time .

That effect is like respect , you can not get respect of people if you do not have respect to yourself within and then give this respect outside and then it wil return to you.

The same with conversions , you have to be in the mood , cheerish , and this will be unconsiously reflected in your writing , the effect is that it will return to you in the form of conversions.

Thats they Key for Success.

I call it the Sam-K gravitational theory , because people will be attracted to your writing if and only if you are happy at the time of wrting.

Hope you enjoyes reading

leave your opinion , like , share , call me genious , feel free to call me crazy , no problem i respect the freedom of others to express their thoughts, sorry , their emotions.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Being in the right frame of mind always makes it easier to write.
Sam-K Premium
Thanks Jerry
Yes, the right frame of mind and the right emotions.
i mean how you view others , this will be reflected in your writing ( between the lines )
Are you happy and helping audience ? This also will be reflected between the lines of your article.
and so on . The mood and intentions will be reflected in the way you write .