I have learnt that.

Last Update: July 14, 2015

I have learnt that I love Wealthy Affiliate.

I have learnt that my ranking number is going down but it doesn't mean my website is gathering $$$$'s!!

I have learnt that I am learning all the time and I find something new on the WA website nearly every day in the blogs or letters I read or on the actual website itself.

I have learnt that I love helping people and meeting new members.

I have learnt that I am grateful to have met many people here and not all are healthy like me but everyone is happy to help.

I have learnt that it doesn't matter how long it takes to go through Kyle's lessons you can do it in your own time and go over the lessons many times. There are always new ones.

I have learnt that you can read the word clearly and understand but not always can you hear the word clearly and maybe miss the punch line.

I have learnt that if I have had a bad day at work or at home I can get on the internet and come to WA and I feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

I have learnt that I will be here at WA this time next year still meeting people and learning. Hopefully my website will be earning me some $$$$'s by then!!!



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sallylane50 Premium
Thank you Pisquali
MarionBlack Premium
So true Sally. I learn something new every day. ~Marion
sallylane50 Premium
Thanks Marion age doesn't stop the learning.
Pisquali Premium
So nicely out Sally and so true
Theresaw90 Premium

I'm glad that you are learning here at WA. I wish you all the best!
sallylane50 Premium
Thankyou Theresa, I hope you're learning here too. Its a great place.