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September 30, 2015
Hi everyoneThis is goodbye. I have had such a wonderful time in the 5 months I have been at WA but now its time to go.August and September have been hard months and nothing on my website has been done although I look at my website now and can't believe I have created it on my own. I feel at least I can be proud of that.I have learnt so much and my brain has been stretched (O boy has it been stretched) and coped!!My little dog (my 4th child) ruptured his cruciate ligament and had to be crated
September 09, 2015
Is it time to download Windows 10 yet??
July 29, 2015
I'm obsessed with backing up! I installed a Plugin called BackWPup and it backs up everything on my website everyday to Dropbox. Once I have 3 days worth, the next day the bottom one disappears and makes room for the next one. Wonderful and makes me feel safe knowing if anything happens I can retrieve all my work that I have done.The other night I had another wee obsession fit and decided to back-up my whole computer to 'the cloud'. Mmmm took a wee while - I left it going before I went to b
July 14, 2015
I have learnt that I love Wealthy Affiliate.I have learnt that my ranking number is going down but it doesn't mean my website is gathering $$$$'s!!I have learnt that I am learning all the time and I find something new on the WA website nearly every day in the blogs or letters I read or on the actual website itself.I have learnt that I love helping people and meeting new members.I have learnt that I am grateful to have met many people here and not all are healthy like me but everyone is happy to
Hi there, I joined WA in early April - nearly 2months ago. When I joined I didn't think I knew anything and wasn't quite sure how far I would get. I always wanted to make up my own website but had no idea where to start or on what I wanted to write. I looked into Website design by correspondence and apart from the cost of it, the abbreviations and behind the scenes stuff all went way over my head so I didn't pursue it.I saw a WA ad on the computer one day and thought would have a look, well I wa