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Last Update: July 29, 2015

I'm obsessed with backing up! I installed a Plugin called BackWPup and it backs up everything on my website everyday to Dropbox. Once I have 3 days worth, the next day the bottom one disappears and makes room for the next one. Wonderful and makes me feel safe knowing if anything happens I can retrieve all my work that I have done.

The other night I had another wee obsession fit and decided to back-up my whole computer to 'the cloud'. Mmmm took a wee while - I left it going before I went to bed and then at 3 am got up and turned it off, still going strong and not quite finished BUT all my documents and photos (which are very important to me) are all backed up. It is now synced with my Ipad and also my phone. I feel good!

I had a disaster a few years ago when I worked in a Medical Centre. After a 3 day weekend we arrived to find the place under water. A pipe had burst and water was pouring out - 1 to 2 inches deep. The server for all the computers was, of course, on the ground and the water was having a lovely time deleting files and ruining everything it got its wet little paws on. We were very lucky that we had a good backup system and wonderful technicians so we were up and running in a day and a half. Now there is nothing on the floor.

It gets me thinking about times in our lives that I'm sure we wish we could all backup and then restore when we feel down or when something happens. Yes I know we have video cameras and cameras but they don't back up feelings, smells and times that we wish we could backup and save to restore on a day we are feeling down.

Family and friends, our first look at our newborn babies and the feelings we felt when we held them, the day they went to school for the first time and many other milestones.

The days when we felt so good and everything went right, the weather was great, our health was good and people smiled and laughed with you, The love of your life coming home through the door with a bunch of fresh flowers for no reason and the hugs from our nearest and dearest. All these times I wanna backup and save so I can restore them at a time in the future when things aren't going right.

Do you all feel like this or is it just me?

Now I'm just going to backup my computer on my external drive.

See ya


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MarionBlack Premium
That's a great plugin Sally and I use it on my websites that are NOT hosted at WA. The WA hosting doesn't allow outbound connections for security reasons so the ways to back up at WA are show on ~Marion
sallylane50 Premium
Thanks Marion - wow we must be synced!!
Pisquali Premium
Back up is not important at all, until you need it and then it is the centre of the universe.
sallylane50 Premium
So true so true
Shawn Martin Premium
LOL< I love your post!
Backing up is an awesome feeling if you have ever experienced a major loss of data and the likes. Go girl go!
sallylane50 Premium
Great feeling eh!