Big Dollar Niche: Which one?

Last Update: June 02, 2015

One of the most puzzling questions I had to resolve after joining WA was, "Which niche will I choose for best results?" While I am not at all one-hundred-percent-certain that I have selected the niche containing the pot of gold, I at least understand somewhat more about what constitutes a successful website--and it's not all about the niche!

Don't get me wrong. NIche is important. I mean, I love Eugenia's books, but I am not sure I could get much traffic on a website dedicated to her memory. (Well, I might be surprised, of course.) We agree that careful selection of a niche is important. Other equally important factors are how well the author can manage and popularize the subject, and how effectively one can monetize the website and attract a following.

Recently, I noticed conversation about masters of website development who can turn just about any niche into a wealth-generating website. Most of us are nowhere near that level of expertise, even with help from WA. We need a little more in our favor--like some superior knowledge of our subject matter. Looking around at different websites, I am grabbed most often by those who can speak fluently and expertly about their subject. I can be persuaded to try a different brand of tea, or decide to try that brand of nutritional supplement because the information is presented in an attractive and convincing way.

The first mandate of writing is, "Write what you know." If you don't know, and you want to write about it, then you have some researching to do. If you try to build quality content with a thimble full of knowledge about the subject, it is doubtful your site will ever make any money.

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hbomb1 Premium
your points are well received..
anthrovol Premium
It's all about finding what other people are interested in, and that can be tough. I've noticed the following things people want.
They want to hear the sound of their own voice.
They want to hear other people promoting what they already believe in.
They want the same shoes that other girl has.
They want that car they guy across the street has.
All kidding aside, it's about finding what people are looking for and then putting that in front of their face. Thats where keyword research comes in. Building a site and then looking for keywords is actually a backwards approach (although one I usually use). Finding the keywords the whole world is searching for and then building posts around those is what gets traffic, but it takes a lot of research, first for the keywords, and then the research necessary to become knowledgeable about those subjects.
sallen74 Premium
Lol. I am still pondering how to tie in my topics to those high-interest key words. I have a few new ones to try. I suppose most of these are trial and error, although everyone wants a formula.