Barely Out of the Gate

Last Update: May 11, 2015

I have just passed the three-week mark of my signing up with WA. My greatest challenges have been 1) learning a totally unfamiliar field--the world of online marketing, and 2) finding time to train, build a website, and be a contributing member of the community. I believe I have used my time to the best advantage. I understood that progress would be incremental in the beginning.

I have now completed the basic training and have a (very) basic web page. I am not totally satisfied with that website and still have little idea how it will rate. I definitely am still in the learning curve. However, I have learned much and have met many interesting and helpful people in the community, and have enjoyed the interaction immensely. This is my progress, that I have stuck my toes in the water and I am getting ready to wade out into the deep.

I think I need a buddy who has been successful creating traffic and generating income--but isn't that what everyone wishes for?

In the next three weeks, I would like to develop my website and learn how to place my affiliate advertising effectively. I would like my site to get favorable rating and generate at least some nominal sales from my website. I would like to see at least a few referrals to WA and recoup my expenses thus far. I would feel good about that. I hope that I also expand my relationships within the WA community and strengthen my rank toward Ambassador status.

I am grateful for my progress thus far, but certainly feel that I have far to go!

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Strap Premium
Regarding a 'buddy'. Ther are hundreds of buddies who regularly contribute here. They are all willing to help in any way they can. When you next get stuck, and you will, just ask on here and in my experience help arrives in quick time and solves your problems. Also, this community is great at offering support when needed so embrace your hundreds of new buddies.
I wish you every success and GOOD LUCK
BrenSt Premium
sallen what a wonderful progress report. I like how you have stated each 'little' needed to do project in order to get to where you are today.
I too would like to have a 'buddy' to go through this program,but I am not good, yet, at the marketing part. I don't meet your request.

Nonetheless, I like to have someone to be accountable to in terms of doing my goals. If you'd be interested let me know.

sallen74 Premium
Certainly. I'm Sandy. You can read my profile. I will read yours tonight. Maybe we can connect on chat when we have time. I work full time as a teacher and things are busy right now, but let me know when you are available.