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Last Update: May 18, 2015

Lately, I have heard of many woes in connection with affiliate marketing. With the increase in online marketers and in Internet traffic, it seems that companies are raising the bar on just who can market their products and services. Sometimes the reason for the rejection is clear: not enough traffic on the website; the website has not been around long enough. Often, though, the rejection seems to have no basis. Confusing.

Following further training and a little research, I think I have identified at least two guiding principles in the development of market-worthy websites. Admittedly, I am not an expert, but these principles are easily verifiable.

1) Quality content is the first line of defense against having your website misjudged as a pass-through for other commercial sites. Your website must stand on its own as a place that offers valuable information and entertaining text to your visitors. The affiliate links must be subordinate to the information value of your content.

2) Relevance. We all have visited websites that look like a bad layout of classifieds. Virtually everywhere you look, you are invited to click to try a new product or get an insurance quote. Products and services are our business. Website visitors expect to encounter such links, but these must be tastefully presented and relevant to our content. This is not that difficult. Think from the visitor's perspective and place banners and links strategically to connect with your copy.

That being said...I have some revising to do on my pages.

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