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Last Update: Apr 26, 2022

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How to bring slide pictures on a post?

I have written a post and collected some pictures on my laptop now I want to bring 5 or 6 pictures in one place so I need help to put slide picture in one place. Please can anybody help me.

Thank you


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You may find this link to be just what you are looking for.
wordpress dot com/support/wordpress-editor/#adding-a-block

I know this might sound silly, Shahida, but if your image is like what you have, I screenshot it, then reduce the image to 600 X 450, and upload it!


lovely pictures!

If you want to use a slider in your posts or pages on your website, you can do so by using the block editor and seeking if the module slides is active on your website.

Just know there are themes made for photographers and most of them have this option . Ust google best phot themes and seek what suites you. Many come with a free version

Good luck

Thank you

But if there is any training video on it will be more easy to understand

Try to find a theme that does this for you...

Or seek a youtube video on the subject

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