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Last Update: February 09, 2018

When I first signed up almost a year ago, I went straight into the certification training, but then I decided to change directions and go the bootcamp way. The truth, I was having a hard time coming up with what to write, and so I thought bootcamp would be easier.....nope still having problems.

So I've stepped away from writing and training for a while and have been reading your fabulous blogs, other training and trolling the live chat.

The step away was just what I needed to clear my head. It made me realize some things.

1. That I was rushing in trying to learn everything, so I could hurry up and monetize my websites which is fueled by this fear of leaving my daughter unprotected financially.

2. I was panicking and rushing the training because I have all these ideas I want try out, but I can't until I complete the training and have my website stable. I didn't think it was wise to overwhelm myself by doing too much before I completed the courses, which Ironically, I'm doing by thinking about all this stuff.

3. That at times I fear everyone is passing me up on the road to freedom and maybe this isn't my thing if I can't move as quick as everyone else.

4. Then I concluded that fear motivates me to look for ways to earn money, but it also makes me rush and maybe I need to take time and hang out in the slow lane for a while.

My result of all this thinking, reading, trolling and mulling about is not pushing it, take my time, make sure I'm understanding the training and don't worry about everyone else. Learning something new takes time, after all it takes 2 years to get an associates degree and thousands of dollars, while Wealthy Affiliate only cost 359.00 a year and you have a oodles and oodles of training

I'm now going back and redoing the Bootcamp training and then the Certification and I'm taking my time.

Thanks for reading and keep on writing


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jtaienao Premium
Hi Luba,
Good for you for finding a newfound approach for working on the lessons as well as developing your online businesses. You are totally spot on in taking your time as you move forward. Things will seem clearer and you will be able to develop you sites with more confidence I wish you much success as you move forward.
saharelf Premium
HI Jerome,

Thank you for taking the time to visit and the motivation. I was driving myself crazy now I'm more relaxed.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Nice to see you here again, Saharelf, been a long time! Glad you are back!
saharelf Premium
Thank you Kaju, I'm glad to be back
verazhelvis Premium
Yes, I think you are right. No need to rush. The best way is to understand what you want, deal with your fears and insecurities(I know what you are speaking about- I felt the same, but not about writing, about technical issues.) We are getting better as we are doing things.:)
saharelf Premium
Hi Vera, That's true we do get better after a while

Thank you for coming by and commenting
MikeMahaffey Premium
I think this is an important post for many, especially beginners.

I don't have to worry about supporting anyone, but there's always that nagging "fear".

If it's not about not keeping up with somebody else, how pretty someone elses site is, why don't I know javascript yet, it's something else.

I know the key is to relax and think of what you're doing as a long term business that at some point will succeed if you just keep on keeping on.

saharelf Premium
Hi MIke

I laughed when you mentioned prettier site than mine because I had just looked at someone else site a few days ago and of course I was comparing and wishing mine was as pretty as theirs.

Thank you for commenting.