Fresh Start

Last Update: April 23, 2017

After contemplating many things in life we sometimes find ourselves hitting a wall. We try building or moving forward and our wheels keep spinning. Occasionally we get stuck in the same rut we where in like a truck stuck in the mud. The more we spin those wheels, our forward progress just does not happen.

How do we prevent this from happening?

Something that maybe as simple as getting a fresh start. Sometimes in life getting a fresh start can change everything.

For example: If you have ever gone through a divorce. You become depressed, stressed, and have strange mixed emotions. What can help is you get though some of these feeling is to start over. Sitting around dwelling on those feeling just drags you down even further. Getting out to start meeting new people can help you get a fresh start. Doing new things or finding something different to change your direction.

So when your business just doesn't seem to be making forward progress. Think about giving yourself a fresh start. Evaluate were your business is and were you want it to go. Think of small steps forward to create successes.

Here is what I mean. In our training here in Wealthy Affiliate we are asked to create some goals. We all think of the long distance results we want. Re-think this as what short term goals would make you feel successful?

A few examples:

  • Creating your first post.
  • Adding a new page to your website.
  • Creating your first awesome looking review.
  • That first visitor to your website.
  • Your first blog that gets good rankings.
  • That first sale of your product or service.

Share some your small successes below for other WA members to enjoy.

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Tw1 Premium
Great post! It is very important to have short term and intermediate goals as well as the long term ones! This will keep you motivated on the path to the long term goals.

One of the things like to do is when I establish a long term goal, I write it at the top of the page, then write some goals that I can do to move along that path! Each one of the smaller goals pushes me ever closer to the big one at the top!

Good luck in your endeavors!
sag3 Premium
Thank You, Tom, for stopping bye. Looking forward to the future.