I remember the days a bit over 1 and a half years ago when I started my journey here at WA.

I remember the post that I made about my goals and my goal was to make $1500 per month at the 1 ½ year mark. Well I've more than surpassed it making $4000-5500 per month now.

I've learned a lot from other sources also and implemented their strategies and it has paid off.

But WA has given the absolute basics that you should have in pristine condition all the other things are just icing on the cake so to say.

My site is currently pulling around 25000-30000 visitors per month almost all the traffic is coming from review articles which also are the highest in terms of conversions.

I'm soon starting to get more into e-mail marketing because I've learned that it's quite a powerful asset to have.

The point of this post is to show you that the things here teached work BUT it takes time and your own commitment.

All the best and keep writing away.

- Jesse.

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Valthonis Premium
Wow very impressive, its incredibly inspiring to hear you managed that kind of income in less than two years.
Echun Premium
Thank you for sharing this encouragement. I hope you continue to achieve greater success.
Krazikt97 Premium
Very inspiring! Whenever I'm doubting myself, and all I've done here so far at WA, I'll be sure to take a look at this article to keep me going.

Thank you! :)
Billy49 Premium
That is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing that
chill1986 Premium
This is so inspiring! Being new to WA, I enjoy reading success stories such as this one. Thanks for sharing. What's the link to your site? I would love to take a browse =D
XrissyBoros Premium
really amazing:)) which is your url please,let me have a look:)))congrats
JSaintfery Premium
Wow amazing
Dib2 Premium
Great news! Your focus and commitment give us all encourgement. Well done:)
VivBeck Premium
Wow now that's inspiring!!! Congrats.
Angelo13 Premium
That's inspiring Jesse!
LaurieB73 Premium
Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. :)
Tasna Premium
Thanks for the inspiration Jesse :)
LBroadhead Premium
Very inspiring. Thanks for posting!
work4nobody Premium
Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.
BeMyExpert Premium
Fantastic Story!
Well done, I can see it takes dedication and time, and consistency!
I'm glad you're not some "top 25" because now that I've climbed the ladder a bit I realize that the WA ranking has nothing to do with success.
In fact, I am sure there a re numerous top 100 that aren't making very good money at all, they are just good at responding and blogging and making (often irrelevant) replies to posts, etc.

I'd rather be like you. Thanks for the inspiration.