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How do I change my template? it only gives me 3 other option

How do I change my template? it only gives me 3 other option

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I have been creating my site but decided that I really don't care for the template I've chosen. When I try to change it it only brings up 3 other options. Can anyone help me

In wordpress, they're called themes. To add new ones to your site, log in and open the "Themes" page. Click on the "Add New" button and select a theme to add a theme to your site.

Thank you! I thought if I hit add it would just select one of the 3 that were brought up. Thank you very much for your help

Nope, you need to add the theme to your site before you can activate it to make it your active theme.

The "Feature Finder" is very helpful for finding themes that support specific features.

If you know the name of a theme, when you can start typing it into the search box, only those themes that match that name will be displayed.

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